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    Readily available on online grocery stores like Big Basket, liquid detergent have a variety of advantages that help in providing us with a clean and tidy environment.Dishwasher cleaners like dishwashing liquid, dishwashing soap or detergent powder forms an integral part of cleaning household supplies. bigbasket brings you all the major brands selling various types of dishwasher cleaners all under one roof. These dishwashing products come in varied shapes, sizes and have different formulations, promising easy cleaning without leaving any unsightly white residue on the utensils. bigbasket offers nearly all the different types of dishwashing liquids, dishwasher soaps and liquid detergents available in India on its website. Some of the most popular brands of dishwasher cleaner are Vim Liquid, Vim soap, Pril dishwash liquid, Pril dish wash and many more. Most of these dishwasher products come packed with the power of lemons and guarantee to fight tough grease and odour ensuring you always have sparkling kitchenware that smells great. With the presence of so many types of dishwasher cleaners, it is important to choose the right kind of dishwasher cleaner. Dishwashing liquid soap like Vim Liquid or Pril dishwashing liquid and dishwashing bars work perfectly well when you’re self-washing or hand-washing your utensils. However, when washing utensils in a dishwasher the best dish cleaner would be solid dishwasher detergents. Dishwasher detergents spread throughout the dishwasher easily and hence is preferred by many. Many people even prefer dishwasher liquid to clean a larger load of utensils. Nowadays more and more people prefer natural dishwasher cleaner to regular dish cleaners, as they are free from various kinds of chemicals like soda, acid slurry and soda ash which are harsh on the skin. Are you still wondering which dish cleaner to choose from? Just browse through various options and of dishwasher cleaners online at bigbasket, compare prices, flavours and more and choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Advantages of using liquid detergents:

    1. They can completely dissolve in water The main benefit of using detergents with a liquid consistency is that they can completely dissolve in water. Therefore, your clothes can be clean and surf free when they are out of the machine. Even plates and other utensils can get washed off at a much faster rate than compared to the use of dishwashing soaps. 2. They don’t get stuck on woollen clothes When you are using liquid soaps to clean you woollens you can rest assured that they will be fresh and as good as new when they come out of the machine. The reason for this is that liquid detergents don’t have particles or granules that can get stuck in the fibres of woollen clothes and cause them to become dull and unwearable. 3. It prevents air-borne pollution as it does not fly off 4. It protects the washing machine tray or the dishwasher drain from being clogged One of the major advantages to using liquid cleaner is that t does not get accumulated on the tray of the washing machine, thereby preventing t=it from getting clogged and damaged and reducing the need for regular servicing. In the case of dishwashers, these cleaning agents, like the prill dishwash liquid easily gets drained and does not allow any residue to stay behind that can cause a dirty clog in the pipes. 5. It is easier to use and store It is always easy to store a bottle of liquid detergent instead of dishwashing soaps, that might melt in the water and leave a gooey residue. Liquid cleaners ensure that you can use them with ease when cleaning your clothes or dishes as all you have to do is pour them onto the detergent tray in the machine or on the scrub while cleaning dishes. 6. Your clothes or utensils are less likely to get detergent stains The use of dishwashing liquid or detergent for cleaning clothes makes sure that your clothes are prevented from developing any detergent stains, which is a major side-effect of detergent powder. Dishes also lose their glow and can get scratches and stains on their surface when they are rubbed with dish soaps. 7. You can even use them to pre-treat stains The semi-fluid consistency of liquid detergent has a concentrated amount of cleaning components that allow you to use them as stan remover before you put your clothes in the washer. All you have to do is apply a little amount of the detergent in the stained area of the cloth, rub it in for a few seconds and let it rest for some time before putting the clothes in the washing machine. This step will ensure that the concentration of the stain weakens on your clothes and they can be cleaned with ease even when you are washing them in bulk. Get the detergent of your choice from the list of options available at big