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    We, at Bigbasket, make sure that our customers are able to shop in the complete comfort of their homes. We try to include even the most basic necessities of a human being. We have a wide range of plastic buckets and plastic mugs available on our website. Our motive is that our customers should be able to shop even the basic necessities of their daily lives online without going out to the market. Buying the bathroom bucket set from our website will provide you with a wide variety of choice. You will surely get pleanty of options to choose from and even at discounted prices. We believe in quality, therefore, the water buckets available on our website are durable and you can even fill them up with warm water during winters without worrying about the crack in the plastic. You can easily purchase the bucket online on our website by a single click on the screen. We have all the sizes of plastic buckets for bathroom. We have a variety of bathroom mugs and bathroom buckets as well. We even have small buckets for the use in bathrooms or for gardening. Plastic bucket price varies depending upon the quality and its size. The price is affordable even for the best quality and is between 69 rupees to 250 rupees. You can purchase mugs online from our website. Bathroom mugs price differs from rupees 12 to 30 rupees, again depending upon the shape, size, and quality. People prefer purchasing the best quality products and companies like Cello and Milton fall under this category. People trust in investing once and using them for a longer period of time. Milton buckets are one of the best quality buckets. We have also provided the bucket sets, which are not only stylish in look but also affordable and have a very long life. Cello buckets are also available in our range. Cello company is the leading manufacturer in stationery and products made out of durable plastic like bottles, buckets, mugs etc. They have a new kind of product which is a bucket with a lid. This will save the content inside from falling off. Plastic bucket with lid is getting very popular on our website and they are very affordable too. Bucket price of the ones with lid is within 300 rupees. You can grab your perfect piece of plastic bucket online and plastic mug only from our website, Bigbasket. We not only have buckets and mugs in different colours but also in different design and patterns. We have collected the best pieces for our customers so that they can adorn their bathrooms. The buckets can be of multiple uses like for storing water or storing any granular object for gardening purposes. Whatever might be the use, we have buckets and mugs for all the uses. Available in different shapes, colours, patterns, and sizes. We provide you with the perfect product according to your will and even at an affordable price. Many of our products are at discount and you can purchase them sitting in the comfort of your home.