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    Germs including the faecal matter are released in the air of the bathrooms which spread onto the ground as well. These germs can be carried outside the bathroom and can cause various diseases. However, we have come up with a range of floor cleaners, which will not only make the floor of your bathroom spotless but will also make it germ-free. A lot of germs are collected onto the surface of the tiles present in your bathroom or in your kitchen. Oily layer is formed on the tiles present in your kitchen, makes them look horrible. Tile cleaners come to the rescue! Bathroom tile cleaner is the basic necessity in every household. Tiles cleaner liquid and floor cleaner liquid are gaining popularity as people are getting aware of the purity of their surroundings. Using these products you can kill almost all the germs which can affect your health. Having a clean bathroom can save you from many fungal infections as well. Lizol is a brand known for its bathroom cleaners and tile cleaners. They also have the sweet smell to make the environment fresh. They have many fragrances available like lemon, rose, natural, lavender, sandalwood, pine floral etc. Lizol cleaner is known by the people and it is even appreciated for its job of killing germs efficiently. Lizol floor cleaner price is 83 rupees/ 500 millilitres. It is also available in 200ml, 500ml, 975m, and 2L bottles. Domex floor cleaner is another well-known brand in India. It is thick in texture and sterilizes the environment of your home. It has a very strong disinfectant property and they claim that it kills 99.9% of germs. They are available in two sizes i.e the bottle of 500 ml and 1 L. Price of domex is really affordable, 89 rupees / 500 ml and 172 rupees/ 1 L. It also has the range of tile floor cleaners which has received a very good response from its customers. It’s very difficult to find an appropriate cleaner to cleanse your wooden floor. Domex and lizol also have a collection that can deep clean your wooden floor. Lizol, domex, and harpic are among the best floor cleaner liquid brands in India. Harpic is the leading brand in producing the toilet cleaners. A bottle of Harpic toilet cleaner is a must in every home. They also have launched a new product which is the bathroom floor cleaner and tiles cleaner. It is liked by customers as they have witnessed the remarkable results. Here on Bigbasket, Harpic floor cleaner is only for rupees 76/ 500 ml. There can be plenty of bugs lying on your floor, tiles or on the floor in your restrooms ready to spread many dangerous diseases like Streptococcus infection, hepatitis etc. There are numerous brands available in the market with different types of floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners or tile cleaners. They all have claimed a number of things but there are only few who are successful in this field because of their results. You can purchase your favourite brand from our website or app, Bigbasket.