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    Do you work all day long in front of a computer screen? Can’t sleep early and wake up with puffy eyes? Do long study hours give you dark circles? No need to worry, here at Bigbasket, we have a wide variety of eye care products to make your eyes looks gorgeous again. A healthy pair of eyes gives you a beautiful appearance from outside. This being said, vitamins are very essential for nourishment of our eyes. Vitamin-C is necessary for the eyes and can be obtained by intake of citrus fruits like orange, lemon and sweet lemon. For proper eye health, vitamin-A is prescribed which we get from sweet potato, pumpkins and bell pepper. Vitamin-E for eyes can be obtained from nuts, avocado and green leafy vegetables. If you are someone who is fond of creams and cosmetics and cannot invest much time on health care, there are best eye cream for dark circle available with us. Himalaya is one of the oldest brands in India famous for skin care products. The Himalaya eye care has the best under eye cream in India has a blend of herbs especially made for delicate under eye area. It is the eye wrinkle cream which works best on pigmentation, blemishes, and also safeguards them from harmful sunlight. When it comes to under eye lotion, you may go forthe Lakme Under Eye Cream which is prepared vitally to act on the fatigued, lethargic and dull eyes. It has collagen boosters which work on the skin cells and regenerate them. This cream gives the required hydration to the eyes which on regular application reduces darkness, fine lines as well as improves the skin tone around the eyes. Lakme also comes with an undereye serum called theLakme Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-serum and is the best available in market. It is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil imparts best nourishment to the eyes. This under eye serum feels very light on your skin and it is not like those sticky-oily serum out there making you feel greasy and heavy. You can always go for some herbal products if you are uncertain about the chemical products. Biotique is one such trusted brand which comes with ayurvedic eye care products. The Biotique under eye cream is a puffy eye cream made with cucumbers, almond blended with water all the way from the foothills of Himalaya. The eye vitamins in the seaweed ingredient gives soothing sensation and reduces dark circles. You must be thinking of rushing to the market and buy them all, isn’t it? But why to tire yourself when you can order and get everything delivered at your doorsteps easily through Bigbasket. The wide range of eye products would help you to decide which eye bag removal cream suit your skin best.Checkout the Bigbasket online store for good discount on variety of your favorite products. We assure to provide best services at best prices with just one click.