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    The scorching summer sun and the warm hefty winter clothing along with discomfort and uneasiness bring another vice with them: sweat and odour. Talcum powders are saviours for people suffering from excessive sweating and its inherent companion foul odour. Body talc is an essential component in your daily skin care kit. It helps your skin stay dry and itch-free even during the severe harsh climatic conditions. Talc powder helps fight off the stringent sweat odour and keep you fragrant all day long. Baby powder is the perfect recluse from body prickles and itches troubling your little sweetheart. Keep your baby dry and comfortable all day long and let your play and grow without any worries. bigbasket brings to you a range of best talcum powder including baby powder, body powder for men, mild body talc for women and much more.

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    Talcum powders also serve a large number of purposes other than the ones mentioned above. Talc powder can effectively be used on clothes to remove grease stains and other pigments. It is also used to untangle tight knots and tangled chains. Spreading talc powder over bed sheets in summers absorbs the excessive moisture to you a comfortable sleep. Talcum powders also help keep off insect infestation. Owing to the number of purposes solved by talcum powders, they have become an essential component in our lives. Visit our personal care store and select from our range of talcum powder for men, women and babies for a comfortable and healthy life.