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    Are you tired of your dry, frizzy and dull hair? Hair compliments the beauty of your face irrespective of the person and length of the hair. To get the best hair you wish for, using the shampoo for dry damaged hair, that best suits your dry hair becomes necessary. We, at bigbasket, will help you choosethe best shampoo for dry hair. Dry hair develops when you are using the wrong products for your very delicate hair. Using a hydrating shampoo for dry hair is important to retain the moisture. The absence of which will take away the sheen and make your hair look lifeless. A simple hair wash can give you the results of a therapy if the correct shampooand conditionerfor dry hair are used. It is always recommended to use a conditionerfor dry hair after washing your hair with a shampoo. The shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is a treat to your hair. The shampoo is for cleaning your scalp from the extra oil and debris, the dry and dead skin layer that start accumulating as dandruff on your scalp. A mild creamy and hydrating conditioner like loreal conditioner for dry hair will definitely prove to be a good choice. Against the general myth, there is no need of shampooing your hair twice, unless you oiled your scalp because this excessively removes your natural oils that badly affects the growth of your hair. The ends of the hair are always drier due to the extra exposure to dust wind and heat. They are always in need of extra moisturising, this is where you need to choose the best conditioner for dry hair to calm the frizziness of your hair. Dryshampoo is the powdered form of shampoo that does not require water when you wish to clean your hair with it. This shampoo seems to be a new trend but they were developed much before the welcoming of liquid shampoo. When you are already running late and have oily hair that looks way too greasy to go out, then this is where the dryshampoofor oilyhair comes at your rescue, all you gotta do is just dust the dovedryshampoo on the hair and them brush it off your hair. From bigbasket, you can easily get your dry shampoo online and choose among the best dry shampoo in India ranging from batiste dry shampoo to Tresemme shampoo. These are widely used because of the fact that they reduce the fading of colour from your bleached hair and helps you to retain the colour for longer. The dryscalpshampoo will clean your hair in a similar way as the liquid one. From the wide range of bigbasket, you can get the shampoo best suited to you best moisturizing conditioner for dry hair, dry shampoo at very reasonable prices along with many interesting offers.