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    Fragrances and a sense of smell are a very important part of our day to day routine and have a psychological significance. They help us in better dealing with stress, tension, and mood swings. The fragrances from natural substances are used for mental aromatherapy for the healing of mind, body, and soul. Good fragrance helps you open up your mind and move freely. Eau de cologne is also called the water of cologne or just cologne in simple terms. It is a perfume and named so because it has its origin from the place Cologne in Germany. Eau de cologne has the blend of mainly the citrus fruit essentials and oils such as lemon, tangerine, blood orange, etc mixed with the oils of lavender, oregano, thyme, rosemary, olive, jasmine, and tobacco. It has 3-8% of base perfume concentration which depends on the extracts from essentials oils. Price of eau de cologne is much less as compared to Eau de parfum and eau de toilette as they have more intense fragrance and a higher concentration of 5-15% base perfume. For some people who have anxiety and headache issues with fragrances and perfumes, eau de cologne is most preferred as it has a less intense smell which doesn't harm anyone and gives a pleasant fragrance to make them feel good. Cologne sprays is generally used by both men and women. The body shop Fuji green tea is a cologne which has mandarin, lemon and tangerine top notes blended with heart notes of camellia and jasmine give you refreshing scent for daytime. Best cologne for men is engaged cologne spray for men, comes in three different variants- XX1, XX2, and XX3. All of them have 0% gas content, the woody base note, citrus top note and fresh spicy as heart note makes you smell like amber and citrus making you irresistible and confident. With us, we have many high-end premium perfumes. One of them is the premium eau de cologne, 4711 Ice eau de cologne all the way from Germany itself, now available in India as well. It gives a fruity aroma blended with top notes of privet, bergamot, violet, and pineapple. The heart notes are plum, mint, and peach and the base notes are amber, cedar and white musk making it best eau de cologne for women as well as men. We at Bigbasket commit to providing you with the best ever collection of highest quality cologne sprays and perfumes which just one click away from you. Customer satisfaction is our motivation and we try not to disappoint you. No tiring mall shopping and heavy shopping bags in your hands. Bigbasket will take care of your wish cart and your wallet as well. Now it's time for you order as much as you want, we will deliver everything safely to you and on time. Check out our latest cologne and perfume range for much more exciting prices and offers.