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    No matter the nature of your work, homemaker or a working women, sanitary pads are something that every kind of women requires. Primitive cloth napkins are long gone and have been replaced by sanitary napkins. These disposable menstrual napkins have made life of women much easier enabling them to participate in any kind of activity like all their other days. There are different types of pads that are available in the market such as maxi, ultra -long, ultra-thin, pads with wings and more. You can pick the ones that best suits your menstrual flow. There are several brands that have come up with period pads made out of different fabrics and materials, you can find them on bigbasket. Goes without saying that Whisper pads and Stayfree pads are two of the most popular brands when it comes to this category. Whisper sanitary pads come in many types like mentioned and Whisper Ultra is one of the most commonly brought ones. Similarly, Stayfree cotton pads also have their own product line in sanitary napkins. Both the brands have also come up with options of pads to use at night that have a higher absorbing property and avoids leakage. This allows one to get a full night’s sleep without having to worry about staining the sheets. The Whisper pads price and Stayfree pads price depend upon the type and packet sizes that you wish to buy. Sofy sanitary pads are another brand of sanitary napkins that you can find in the market and on bigbasket. These are cotton sanitary pads and biodegradable sanitary pads that not only give you a comfortable period, but are also environmental friendly. These pads are textured to be soft on the skin, thereby avoiding rashes and skin irritations. These mentioned brands are some of the most popular brands of sanitary pads in India. If you are looking to buy ladies pad or the best sanitary pads in the market, bigbasket has a wide range of options to choose from. Your menstrual time can already be quite exhausting, our home delivery system makes this time of the month much easier for your by delivering your sanitary napkins at your doorstep. Look out for amazing deals and discounts while shopping online with us. As these napkins are something that you will need to use regularly, it is always a good idea to stock them up. Our multi pack deals will be very helpful to you while shopping for pads online with us.