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    Pantyliners are pieces of absorbent material which are used for maintaining day to day feminine hygiene. Such hygiene is a matter of personal considerations and valid steps are to be taken for its maintenance. They are very much similar to pads but are generally thinner and narrower in size and are not meant for heavy bleeding. However, they can still be helpful when your period suddenly comes up and you need to avoid stains on your clothes. They are good absorbent and can be used daily to remain fresh and dry, away from the uneasiness. Pantylinersuse is not limited for absorbing vaginal discharge, post intercourse discharge, and light menstrual flow but are also recommended to patients of Urinary incontinence which means involuntary urination at times. With bigbasket, you can purchase panty liners online and choose among n number of pantylinersbrands. We present to you the very renowned and trusted brands like sofy panty liners, Bella panty liners and carefree panty liner to choose from. These liners keep many sorts of infections caused due to wetness, far away. They are widely used by females in between menses, nearly around the onset of menarche and even post menopause to absorb any sort of discharge. Menstrualpanties are specially designed in a way to absorb menstrual blood flow. Unlike the regular panty, they comprise multiple layers. A special fabric is used to hold the blood and still make you feel dry. These panties are used with the intention to overcomes the disadvantages caused because of tampons and menstrual cups, which possess a high risk of toxic shock syndrome. They are loaded with chemicals. These can be easily disposed of or are reusable in nature. They can even be used for a long duration of 12 hours. Bodycarepanties provides you with a lot of choices ranging from period panties to paddedpanties. These are generally used to enhance the shape of the butt and provide support and comfort when you need to sit for the whole day, in chairs. They can help enhance the vitals of your body while you can comfortably wear clothes that fit you tightly. Cottonsanitarypads are free from chemicals and do not contain anything that can irritate your skin. They are free from plastic and other synthetic fibres. Reusable sanitary pads are made in a way that they are able to last for nearly 5-7 years, if maintained properly. Hence, they are budget friendly. They do not even contribute to the ever increasing waste in this world. Maternitysanitarypads are larger, softer and more absorbent as they are intended to absorb a much larger amount of blood than the regular pads, owing to the heavy bleeding followed by the birth of the child. Bigbasket present to you, ample of choice suited for various issues. Ranging from cotton pads to maternity pads. So get your correct pad from our bigbasket store soon.