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    Buy Birthday Cakes Online

    Do you eagerly wait for that one day in the year when you can be the centre of attention? Or do you love to throw parties to celebrate growing older? Well, there isn’t a person who is not excited about their birthday! But, what is the most important thing that makes a birthday special? A Birthday Cake! Usually, people used to visit bakeries and order their cakes in advance to have to ready by the day, however, it is now possible to get a cake delivered at the venue with just a few hours notice. Mouth-watering cakes can be ordered online on the BigBasket website to spark up your celebration. Planning to have a sudden party and having to organize things in a jiffy can be stressful. Fret no more. bigbasket has the main dish of your party covered for you, the cake. You can now order your birthday cake online and have it delivered to your house just in time for the party. Cakes come in various flavours and are most of the times the life of the birthday party for children. Some of the most popular flavours are chocolate cake, black forest cake and red velvet cake. While ordering online with us, you can be assured that you will receive soft and moist cakes that have great taste and quality. Our online store brings you a variety of birthday cakes from only the top quality bakery. Cake prices vary from one flavour to another. Chocolate cake price may differ from flavours such as black forest birthday cake price, vanilla and red velvet pastries. We provide one of the best birthday cake delivery systems in the region. If you are looking to order birthday cake online, you have arrived at the right place. Choose from a wide range of birthday cake flavours on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house freshly right before your party. You need not worry about quality while buying your birthday cake online from us.You can also buy muffins online at bigbasket.

    Types of Birthday Cakes

    1. Chocolate Cake The most popular cake, when it comes to birthdays this soft chocolate wonder is found in many shapes and forms. You can either get a chocolate truffle cake or one that is loaded with Ferrero Rocher to brighten up your loved one’s birthday party. Chocolate cake price varies over a vast spectrum, depending upon the size of the delicacy, so, you can always order a birthday cake delivery within your budget. 2. Black Forest Cake If you want to treat your friend to something premium, you can ask the cake bakery to prepare a Black Forest Cake. A spectacular dish, this cake is made with layers of soft sponge sandwiched between fluffy whipped cream and topped with juicy cherries that bring the bring recipe together. You can also request the online cake delivery service you bring you an eggless cake if your friend is a vegetarian. 3. Red Velvet Cake Lying on the high-end side of birthday cakes, the red velvet cake is undoubtedly the queen of the family. The original recipe of the red velvet included an infusion of beetroot juice and cocoa powder. Nowadays, food colouring is also used to get the rich maroon colour of the sponge cake. Covered in layers of delicious white frosting, this beautiful cake and make the birthday girl or boy’s day. 4. Pineapple Cake A fresh take on age-old baking, the pineapple cake is usually prepared using a vanilla sponge, with pineapple frosting and bits of freshly cut pineapples and cherries to top it off. So, if your friend sweet tooth is satiated with fruits, this cake is bound to enthral them and make their birthday one of a kind. 5. Strawberry Cake For the birthday person who loves all things sweet, the pink strawberry cake is a treat in itself! The sponge cake is covered in strawberry cream, imparting a sweet taste that is lived by the young and old alike. 6. Ice-Cream Cake A unique recipe, the ice-cream cake brings two of the most craved for foods together to offer you a burst of sweet and savoury flavours that will brighten up your birthday party. Prepared with thick creamy ice-cream layered between soft sponge cake, this cake is usually the star of the occasion. All set to surprise your friend on their birthday with their favourite cake? Order a birthday cake online on BigBasket without any trouble and give your friend the best birthday party ever.