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    Frequently asked questions on Baby Bibs

    Do babies require bibs?

    Bibs protect the baby from any type of spillage and drooling. Young babies can spoil their clothes with drool and milk spillage and for older babies, bibs come handy while feeding. Bibs can be used from a few months to years, as per requirement.

    How many bibs should I buy for my baby?

    Younger babies or newborn babies may have occasional or fewer spills as compared to older babies. Therefore, 5 to 6 bibs may suffice for a week. However, for some babies, who drool and spit up more often, you may require 5-6 bibs in a day!

    Can I buy a Bandana Bib for my baby?

    Yes, of course, bandana bibs are functional and will look adorable on your munchkin. And if you are a kind of mommy who likes to keep it comfortable and stylish for your little one too, then these bibs are a great idea.

    Are there different sizes available in bibs?

    Yes, you can choose from different sizes in bibs as per the age of your baby. Because newborn babies have a smaller neck diameter than toddlers, therefore, different sizes are made. There are usually three age brackets available in bibs that you can choose from - infant, baby, and toddler.

    Is it necessary to wash the bib before using it?

    There is a risk of baby coming in contact with various kinds of contaminants and chemicals if the bibs are unwashed. Therefore, it is important that you wash a bib thoroughly before you use it on your baby to avoid risk of infection or health complications.

    What is the right age to use bibs?

    While some babies may require bibs as soon as a few days or weeks after birth because of regular spills or drooling, other babies may not need bibs until weaning begins or solid food is introduced.

    What are bibs required for?

    Infants and young babies may spoil their clothes due to various kinds of spillage, such as milk, food, drool, etc. A bib is a cloth that is used for hanging around a baby’s neck to protect baby’s clothes from any type of spillage.

    How can bibs be washed?

    You can hand-wash or machine-wash them with a mild detergent. Hang the bib or lay it flat for drying after reshaping it. If possible, dry them in shade.

    Can I use Silicon bibs for my baby?

    Silicon bibs can be used as they are not as hard as plastic; however, these bibs are not good for soaking water or absorbing other liquids. You can wipe them clean or wash them easily, though.

    Which is the best fabric for bibs?

    Cotton bibs are widely popular and one of the best options in baby bibs. You can also choose flannel bibs as they are fluffier, softer, and absorbent. Bamboo bibs, silicone bibs, etc. are also good choices for bibs.