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    When it is that time of the month, women, irrespective of their nature work undergo the same natural process of menstruating. During those days, it is important that she chooses the best for herself because that is what is going to take her through the already tiresome and challenging day. In earlier days, women were using cloth napkins which would cause stains on their clothes. This was why they were confined to the homes or rooms for a period of 3-5 days until they stop menstruating. But in this generation, where women step out to work, it doesn’t make sense for them to be confined to their homes, that led to invention of disposable sanitary napkins which supported women to lead their usual life irrespective of their periods. Whisper pads have been the pioneer in the disposable sanitary napkins market making the lives of many women easier. Whisper sanitary pads is one of the most popular brand amongst women and they provide a variety of sanitary pads made out of different materials and fabric to suit your personal needs. Whisper choice also has various whisper pads types such as maxi, ultra-long, whisper ultra-soft, ultra-thin, pads with whisper choice wings and pads without wings, whisper ultra-night and many more to suit your menstrual flow and need. Whisper ultra is the most sought after type of pad by many women. Whisper has also come up with specially formulated pads that can be used during the nights such as whisper ultra night xxl which absorbs very well and does not stain your clothes or bed irrespective of the position you sleep in. Whisper choice ultra provides 100% stain protection and comes in an orange pack of 6 pieces. The magic gel present in the pad absorbs the liquid quickly and keeps you feeling dry for longer. Whisper maxi fit pads are specially designed to fit your curvy body and give you a tension free period. Whisper pads price depends on the type of pad you need as per your menstrual flow and the size of the packet that you wish to buy. Whisper price ranges from Rs.35 for a 6 piece pack up to Rs.340 for a 50-piece pack. Whisper pad size ranges from L to XXXL under each of its variant. If you are looking at trying out the various variants of whisper ultra clean sanitary napkins, you can buy them online at Bigbasket where you can find a wide range of options to choose from. Periods are already a testing time for many women who undergo aches and cramps during those 3 days, so why step out in all that pain when you can have them delivered to your doorstep. Since sanitary napkins are a necessity and something that you buy on a regularly monthly basis, you can choose from Bigbasket’s various multipack offers and discounts on whisper pads price list and save a lot of money each month.