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    When you wake up every morning, you automatically go in to your bathroom to brush your teeth, take a nice shower using your favourite soap or body wash, wash your body and your hair and then pat yourself dry and put on some clean clothes. Do you have an idea as to why you do these things on a regular basis without anyone telling you to do? Chances are that you have been practicing it to follow certain hygienic things to do every day to keep yourself clean and rid of any germs or illnesses that may affect your personal health. These actions help you greatly in so many ways by providing you good hygiene and better health conditions. Washing can prevent the accumulation of these germs and also provides us good personal and social benefits. So, this cleaning process that we undertake to protect our bodies is what is called as personal hygiene. Vivel is one of the popular personal care brand in India offering a variety of personal care products such as bathing bars and soaps. Vivel soap price list is quite affordable and can be checked online at Bigbasket. Vivel is a brand of ITC which manufactures Vivel soap specifically to suit the needs of Indian masses and their skin. It was established in the year 2008 and over a span of 10 years Vivel bathing soap has come up with innovative fragrances and flavours of soap keeping in mind every changing trend in the personal care industry for Indian women. You can buy Vivel soap online at Bigbasket and choose from the varieties of soaps that they have. Vivel soap aloe vera is enriched with vitamin E along with the goodness of aloe vera which helps keep your skin soft and moist and retains your skins natural glow. Vivel aloe vera soap price on Bigbasket is just Rs.28 for a 100gm soap bar. Vivel aloe vera soap is the most preferred bathing bar from this product line. Vivel green tea soap is a milk cream based soap enriched with antioxidants which keeps the skin nourished. It has a subtle and rejuvenating fragrance which helps in kick starting your day in a refreshing way When you keep your body clean regularly you also help prevent it from any infections or illnesses that could be caused by virus or bacteria. Germs, dirt, food particles and body secretions tend to accumulate in our body and if we do not clean our body on a regular basis by implementing these clean practices we could fall ill. Vivel soap price is very much affordable by everyone and in fact when ordered online through Bigbasket you will also be receiving lots of offers and discounts on a regular basis which will further help you save more money! So, order now on Bigbasket and get your daily dose of energy delivered to your doorstep.