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    Although water is said to be the best thirst quencher, during the summers and hot season, every now and then you would feel like having a chilled drink to quench your thirst. So instead of going for the carbonated and aerated drinks, it is always best to choose fruits drinks to be consumed on an everyday basis. Now, for someone with less amount of time to go about their day, it will be a tedious task to buy fresh fruits, store it, cut it and then juice it for fresh juices. But Tropicana juice is the perfect option for such people who lack time as they have an amazing range of fruits juices that can be had on the go. Consuming fruits juices on a regular basis is important for good health as they contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds. Doctors too advice to include fruits and vegetables as a whole or in juiced form to maintain a healthy and balanced diet as it provides our body with the required mineral and vitamin needs. Tropicana brand was established in the year 1947 in the US with the aim of providing the finest fruit juices being accessible to everyone easily. Tropicana flavours include so many seasonal, non-seasonal and tropical fruits and even those which cannot be found in India, making it the preferred choice for fruit juice lovers as they get to taste the variety of fruits. Some of the popular Tropicana fruit juice flavours are Tropicana orange juice, Tropicana grape juice, Tropicana pineapple juice, Tropicana cranberry juice, Tropicana pomegranate juice, Tropicana guava juice, Tropicana mango juice, and Tropicana apple juice. All these delicious flavours are easily available on Bigbasket where you can choose your favourite flavours and get it delivered to your doorstep. Mixed fruit juices are generally an acquired flavour and only some people enjoy it, but Tropicana mixed fruit juice as the right combinations and proportions of each fruit making it more enjoyable for everyone. Tropicana juice price varies as per the flavour and quantity required. It also comes in small packs with a straw which is easily portable and can be had on the go. The Tropicana orange juice price for the 1 litre pack is Rs.99 whereas the no sugar variant of orange juice is priced at Rs.126. The Tropicana juice small pack price range starts from Rs.20. On Bigbasket you can get awesome multipack deals, offers and discounts on the Tropicana fruit juice price making it easy to order and also easy on the pockets!