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    Buy Stayfree Online

    Ever felt frustrated to go out and buy sanitary pads or other healthcare products? Whatever the reason may be, the awkwardness, laziness or the lack of energy to physically go out and buy yourself the quintessential components of women personal care – the online marketspace is your way out of this quagmire. Bigbasket affords you the luxury to buy Stayfree pads without you having to forego on your comfort or peace of mind. The online healthcare industry is booming now more than ever and bigbasket is at its forefront.

    Sanitary Wear

    Bigbasket offers a wide range of sanitary napkins based on your needs; right from Stayfree Ultra to Stayfree Ultra High to Stayfree Maxi Pads. What’s more, they’re available in various pack sizes, just like at the supermarket down the road from your house. By purchasing Stayfree pads from bigbasket, you’re ensuring the best quality to be at your disposal. Take for instance the variant Dry Max All Night. It comes with additional cover to prevent leakage at night. It also has an exclusive odour control with natural plant extracts to neutralize odour. As for the variant titled Advanced All Night Ultra-Comfort, it comes with a soft touch cover which is clinically proven for irritation free protection.

    Hassle Free Delivery Options

    As bigbasket offers you all the variants within a particular brand, available and ready to ship to your doorstep at all major cities, you can even choose to experiment and mix-and-match till you find your fit. You could get your regular order and also try out a small pack of something which you feel might work out better for your specific case.There’s also a lot of attractive discounts too on display currently in Stayfree’s range of products.

    Brands Galore

    Not just Stayfree, bigbasket also has a range of other sanitary wear brands you can choose from. To name a few, you have Whisper, Bella, Carefree, Kotex and Sofy among others. And within the Sanitary Needs section, there’s also the categories of Adult Diapers and Sanitary Aids which might come handy if you’re on the lookout.