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    Buy Sofy Sanitary Pads, Napkins and Panty Liners Online at the Best Price

    If you are looking for sanitary pads, tampons and other hygiene products related to menstruation, bigbasket is the place to buy them online. With several brands under each category available, you can pick a product that is best suited for you to make sure that you are well protected. You do not have to worry about your health as bigbasket offers you the ease of ordering these products from the convenience of your home.

    Good riddance to the stigma

    For centuries there has been a stigma attached to menstruation, especially, in the Indian society. Women still hesitate to speak freely about the subject and have a lot of discomfort as days to their monthly cycle approaches. It has taken a lot to get women to adapt and use healthy products to help with the menstrual blood flow and still remains a challenge in many parts of rural India.

    Films like Padman and Phullu have changed the perception that the entire society has had about periods. Women are now open to using sanitary pads and some urban women are even using tampons that were never available in the Indian market.

    However, for the average Indian housewife there is still a disgrace associated with shopping for sanitary napkins. One still hesitates to carry the packet naked (without putting it in an opaque black bag or wrapping it up in a newspaper) in public. The taboo or the fear of being shamed or being judged about its usage makes it a difficult product to buy.

    But with online shopping, purchase of this product has now become an easy experience for every woman. Sanitary Napkins are an important part of a woman’s life and undoubtedly, she needs a seamless shopping experience.

    Convenience in small packages:

    Periods are an important part of a woman’s life. So sanitary pads occupy a vital position in her closet. While on her periods, there is a lot that a woman experiences. Discomfort, cramps, irritation and menstrual pain are just a few common symptoms. The discomfort for bleeding for days causes a lot of mental stress to a woman.

    Women are constantly worried about leakages and staining during their periods. Sanitary napkins over the years have evolved to suit the needs of women and different levels of blood flow during periods. Sofy, as a product is dedicated to deliver a sanitary pad that is safe, comfortable and effective so that nothing stops you from going out and living life.

    Vaginal odour is extremely common during periods and pads that have a higher soaking capacity tend to eliminate this problem. Sofy has designed products that have anti-bacterial properties, unique wider hip guard to cover your panty to avoid staining. The flexi-absorb system helps the pad to move with your body and with Sofy, you can glide through your periods with ease. Sofy also has sanitary napkins in a range that contain natural plant extracts to help prevent odour. These pads leave you feeling clean and confident all day long!

    Brand for life:

    Sofy has created products with versatility as their core motto. The core strength of Sofy products lies in the quality and variety of products. Each of the products are designed keeping your comfort and requirements in mind.

    Sofy believes that nothing should hold you back from pursuing your dreams, not your periods definitely. That is why Sofy has dedicated itself to create sanitary napkins that are safe, comfortable and effective to stay protected wherever you are whichever time of the day.

    Sofy is committed to respect the creation of new societal values and seek innovation at every step. Sofy-the name originated from “Sophisticated” and “Soft-hearted”. Sofy sells top-quality sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liner for women all over. In a nutshell. Sofy assures good health, hygiene and safety and worry-free chums. At bigbasket, we are committed to keeping the best brands and Sofy is one of the brands that we trust and offer our customers. At bigbasket, you can buy this product at your convenience and choose from the range that we have to offer.

    The bigbasket advantage:

    When it comes to products of hygiene and body care, bigbasket makes no mistakes. It is committed to delivering quality products to its customers. We screen products according to the needs and demands of our customers and stock those which are highly popular in demand. For our range of sanitary napkins, we choose the best brands which offer quality to customers.

    The range of Sofy products make sure that you get to choose the right sanitary pad that suits to your needs. We make sure that we stock up the entire product range to help you choose the one that you need. You can get information about every product by clicking on the image to make your choice.

    Sofy products come in different sizes and quantities for you to buy according to what your closet needs. At bigbasket, we also ensure that your product reaches you on time, with a careful and stringent screening process to confirm the validity and quality of the product.

    We offer a range of offers, discounts and promotions on our health care products. There is always some discounts or promotion that is offered so if you keep eyes open then you could grab yourself a great deal. We offer combo packs and value packs on most products within the health care section to help you save money. Our methods of payment are simple and seamless to help you have flexibility and convenience to choose and pay as you wish. With our range of products and wide range of discounts, shopping for your needed products just got easy and handy.