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    Feel rejuvenated after a long day with Santoor soap. Get your favourite version of Santoor soap on BigBasket online and pamper yourself. You can get the Santoor sandal and Turmeric soap or Sandal and Almond Milk soap to suit your skin’s diverse needs. If you’re looking for Santoor soap for your young one, try Santoor new soap called Santoor baby soap. Santoor baby soap has a perfect combination of almond oil, saffron extract and milk cream. It doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished. The Santoor baby soap price is reasonably priced at Rs 40 for a 75 gm bar. Want to know what’s in your favourite Santoor soap? Click on the products to check out the composition. Santoor soap contains Sodium Palmate and Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water, Talc, Sorbitol/Glycerin, Perfume with Sandal Wood Oil, Oleo resin turmeric, Colour Cl 45170, Cl 47000, Cl 12740, Sodium Choloride, Etidronic Acid, Calcined Kaalin, Sodium Carbonate. Want soft skin without a rigorous skin-care regimen? Try the Santoor glycerine soap to give your skin that perfect glow from within. The Santoor glycerine soap contains castor oil glycerin, coco amido propyl betaine, perfume, coco di-ethanol amide, stearic acid, sucrose, coconut oil, alpha olefin sulphonate, aqua, sodium hydroxide, lauric acid, sodium chloride, di-sodiyum edta propan- 2- ol, burylated hydroxy toulene, tocopherol, and sandalwood extract. These ingredients have been selected after years of research and they not only helps your skin glow but also fight against all external impurities. Anxious about increasing pollution and the damage it is doing to your skin? Give Santoor gold soap a try. A premium soap, it is made from Kashmiri saffron and Sandalwood that helps you retain your natural glow. The Santoor gold soap price is Rs 28 for 75 gm and Rs 165 for a pack of three 125 gm soaps. You can check out the Santoor soap price list for all Santoor soaps on BigBasket. The Santoor soap 100gm price is unbelievable low at a mere Rs 26 whereas the Santoor soap 125g price is Rs 123 for a pack of 4 soaps. Save even more by shopping on Big Save days on BigBasket or by using coupon codes on your payment option. Add your favourite Santoor sandal soap to the cart and have it delivered the very same day.