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    Saffola is a brand representing the category of heart-friendly edible oils. A long list of household consumables including functional foods, salt and varieties of rice make up the product lines of this Indian brand. Identified as the prime benefactor of bringing about the concept of healthy cooking, various oils under different heads are enlisted on bigbasket, the online groceries’ shopping interface. Eat light to stay healthy! In line with this adage, it comes as a wise move to shop for these oil products online at bigbasket.The kind of oil you use in your day-to-day cooking has a huge effect on your health which is why you should buy Saffola oil online on BIgBasket. Saffola oil is an edible oil that contains the good fatty acids like PUFA and MUFA keeping your heart healthy and allowing you to live an active life. There are many different Saffola oil types from which you choose the one that fits your lifestyle the best. Saffola Gold oil is an oil that is a blend of Saffola Rice Bran oil and Safflower oil. Since Saffalo gold oil contains two different types of seeds, you get the benefit of both the oils. Saffola oil comes with a Nutri Lock technology that ensures that natural goodness does not escape. In fact, Saffola oil also has a Losorb Technology which ensures that your food does not absorb all the oil. With other kinds of edible oils, this technology is missing which leads to a very oily ang greasy meal. The Saffola Gold price for a 5 litre can is Rs 649/- which is much lower than the MRP of Rs 799/-

    Health products from Saffola

    Cooking oil is an indispensable ingredient to churn out a variety of richly flavoured dishes to foodies. Having said this, it is important to choose a particular type of Saffola oil matching your health specifications. Bringing about marked changes in the lifestyle and dietary practices of Indian consumers, the right quantity of healthy oil that should be added to dishes demands attention. If you wish to be at the receiving end of health benefits coming from rice bran oil and soybean oil, then Saffola Active becomes your right choice. Loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, this oil can be termed as the promoter of healthy hearts. Along with oils are a host of healthy snacks like masala oats that are the hot favourites amongst online Saffola customers.Another one of Saffola oil types is Saffola Active oil. Saffola Active oil also contains Saffola Rice bran oil and soyabean oil. It also contains Omega 3, Oryzanol and Vitamin E. Saffola Active oil is perfect for people who lead or want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Apart from oils, Saffola also has another line of healthy products called Saffola oats. Saffola oats come in several different flavours. Out of the different Saffola oats flavours, the most popular one is Saffola masala oats with a veggie twist. Another flavour that is popular is the Masala and Coriander Saffola oats. You can also buy Saffola masala oats with Pongal flavour and a classic flavour. Depending on your mood, you can choose which flavour you want to consume. If you want to check the Saffola masala oats calories, simply click on the product that you are interested in and you will be able to view how many calories it contains and what ingredients it is made up of. The Saffola oats price depends on the size of the pack that you are looking to purchase. A 40 gm Saffola masala oats price is Rs 13. A combo Saffola masala oats pack will cost you Rs 300 which is much lower than the Saffola oats price in India since the MRP is Rs 360. You can get a discounted Saffola oil price as well because BigBasket has several offers that you can avail of all year round.

    bigbasket Advantage

    Choosing to order fresh staples online is easy to do with the bigbasket app. Simplifying the chores of running to a hypermarket to buy Italian masala oats, it is a matter of a simple click after which you can avail the home delivery service offered by bigbasket. Attached to 25 major cities in India, the entire list of 18,000 products including Saffola salt can be ordered online. Ensuring that various types of oils are available to the online community, bigbasket helps in sourcing all your monthly needs for household consumables.

    Edible Oil Variants While you can order muesli online, you can also relish the taste of 100% natural oats. Fortune is another noted player in the edible oils market offering refined sunflower oil and rice bran oil. Gold Winner is another oil brand along with Parachute; the well-known name for pure coconut oil. Gingerly oil from Idhayam and filtered mustard oil from Nutrela are some of the edible oils that are consumed by Indian customers; all of which are enlisted on bigbasket.