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    Bathing and showering is an integral part of everyday life and hence bathing bars and soaps are more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s world. This being the case, it is important to be aware of the types of bathing bars and soaps available in the market and choose the right one for your skin type as it is a personal hygiene product which is in regular contact with your skin. There are a variety of soaps that are available in the market such as bathing bars, shower gels, herbal soaps, anti-bacterial soap, aroma therapy soaps, etc. Using the right type of soap for your skin helps get rid of the germs and dirt on your skin that are accumulated every day. Park Avenue soap for men has been in the market for many years and is one of the popular products in the personal hygiene category for men. The brand has gained the trust of its customers and is liked by millions of Indians across the country. They not only manufacture park avenue luxury soap but they also offer a variety of personal care products in their product line. Some of the other products in their product line are beer shampoo and styling gel for the hair, shaving creams and gels, deodorants for men and women, deo talc, eau du parfum, and exclusive luxurious grooming kits for men. Park avenue cool blue soap for men is one the most popular soap variants from this brand. This soap contains mint extracts and other cooling components which keeps your body cool and light headed on hot summer days. When you use this first thing in the morning for a shower, it gives you a tingling effect like ice and hence instantly waking you up and leaving you feel refreshed. Park avenue soap 125gm price is priced at Rs.135 for a multipack of 3 soap bars, but on bigbasket you can buy it at a discounted rate of Rs.114 along with 1 free soap bar. Park avenue good morning soap is enriched with shea butter and tea tree oil that helps moisturize your skin and also helps in fighting bacteria. Park avenue storm soap is enhanced with a unique masculine scent and clove oil which is powerful and strong especially formulate to suit men’s skin and body type. Park avenue luxury fragrant soap helps in rehydrating your body leaving you refreshed throughout the day with the added goodness of shea butter. Park avenue bathing soap are quite popular among men’s personal care products in India. Park avenue soap price ranges from Rs.38 for a single bar of soap up to Rs.135 for multipacks. You can now order Park avenue fragrant soap online on Bigbasket and avail good discounts and offers on multipacks and save time and money.