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    Buy Pampers Products Online in India

    Hygiene for a newborn baby is the most important to maintain. The baby in initial days needs utmost care and attention and everything including the likes of cleansing, feeding and choice of clothes should be taken care of. However, it becomes a bit difficult and confusing for new parents to choose between so many baby products available in the market. They need not worry as Bigbasket is always ready to help. Now, you can choose between a wide range of baby hygiene and health care. When it comes to the hygiene of a newborn, you can always trust one brand, Pampers. Buy Pampers online at Bigbasket to avoid running to medical shops every now and then when your baby runs out of diapers. Cleaning of a newborn baby can be a bit risky and tedious as well. You have to be sure about the skin type of your baby. Which type of soaps, shampoo, oils will suit the baby is tough to know. In such cases, you can rely on Pampers wipes which comes in three different variants namely, Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes, Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes. So, you can just use the wipes to clean the baby's face, body, and genitals before putting on Pampers new baby diaper. All these are just one click away from the hassle of running to shopping malls as you can order these Pampers baby diapers from Bigbasket. This way, you can spend more time with your baby and you will have everything at your doorsteps. While changing the diapers you must keep in mind wiping all the stool and wetness. For this, you need to wait until the area is completely dry and only then put the new Pampers pants on. If you do not dry the region, it may lead to redness and rashes. Pamper Baby Diaper is designed for use for both boys and girls with all night absorbency to lock wetness. The Premium and Baby-Dry diapers that have a protective layer of lotion that helps keep little bottoms soft and smooth. Buy Pampers products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Pampers products is between Rs. 65 and Rs. 1249. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Pampers products Diapers, Pants and many others online at Bigbasket.

    Pampers Online

    Pampers newborn baby diapers come according to the height and weight of the baby. Obviously, when the baby is born you are told the necessary details, you cannot just predict the weight and height before. So, at the times of this confusion order Pampers small size diaper pants online from Bigbasket and get it delivered at your desired place at earliest. If you are confused about the Pampers active baby diapers, our customer service team is just a call away from you to resolve all of the problems and answer your doubts. Bigbasket has all the 9 types of Pamper available in various sizes for the babies according to their growth, we have Pampers xs diapers, Pampers extra large diapers pants in Swaddlers, cruisers, splashers and all of them you can find on our website. Since a newborn requires a lot of diapers every now and then, you would not want to keep ending up in a medical shop every day or week. Buy Pampers newborn baby diaper wholesale at Bigbasket as a bulk order altogether to avail exciting Pampers diapers offers and get a great discount on each buy. So this way, your baby has the best cleaning wipes and diapers to wear and you got cheap Pampers diapers online without putting much effort into it. Pampers brand was born in the 1950s when Victor Mills, a chemical engineer who worked for Procter & Gamble, was looking for a better way to diaper his grandson. The first Pampers disposable diaper shipped in 1961. Pampers became the first P&G brand to generate $10 billion in annual revenue for the company in 2012. The only diaper officially accepted by the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners (NAPNAP), Pampers enjoys almost 55% of total market share worldwide. Its products are used by 25 million babies in 100 countries, according to P&G.