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    Ghees and oils are an unavoidable dish in almost every household. We use it as a part of our cooking and sometimes just simply top of our dishes with it as well. While there are several brands in the market that sell oils and ghees, the quality of the product is extremely important. Nutrela is a popular brand that offers top quality edible oils, ghees and more. You can now shop for nutrela products online on bigbasket’s store. The Nutrela brand offers a wide range of products. Starting from its edible oils, some of the most popular options are Nutrela sunflower oil and Nutrela mustard oil. Goes without saying that if the brand offers oils and ghee, there are not too far from the making of butter as well. Some of the best spreads that you can find in the market are Nutrela butter, Nutrela Chocolate spread, Nutrella peanut butter and Nutrella jam. However, the brand is very popularly known for one more product. The vegetarian protein house – soya. You can buy Nutrela soya bean, Nutrela boiled soya chunks and Nutrela soya chunks online on bigbasket now. These are top quality products that cannot easily be found in supermarkets around you. All of Nutrela’s product offering are of excellent quality and good prices. These products are just a click away from you now. The brand is a household name that deals with edible oils and ghee and groceries and staple products. From refined oils to spreads and soya chunks, the variety is extensive. While you may not find too many brands sell soya chunks in the market, that is exactly what has strengthened the presence of Nutrela in the market. The price of Nutrela products vary from Rs.35 to Rs.135. The brand stands for good quality product at low prices giving customers the utmost satisfaction that they are looking for. The brand not only caters to the Indian market, but also to markets abroad. You can now buy any of the Nutrela products online on bigbasket and have it delivered to you within no time. Look out for amazing discounts, offers and deals while shopping online with us. We take our customers satisfactions seriously, and thus provide only high quality products that are value for money on our platform. Bigbasket is your one stop shop for all your grocery, personal care and household essential needs. Choose Nutrela products and live a healthier lifestyle now. Nutrela offers products in Edible Oils & Ghee at good rates and great quality. Find Nutrela products online in India at our online grocery store and order it at just a click of a button.

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    Nutrela is a household brand name dealing with Edible Oils & Ghee and Grocery and Staples products. Refined Oil - Sunflower,Soya - Mini Chunk and Soya - Chunks have helped Nutrela strengthen their presence in the market. Nutrela products are available from as low as Rs.35 all the way to Rs.135. Good product quality, low prices and customer satissfaction have helped Nutrela grow in India and abroad.