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    Nike fragrances are a range of sporty fragrances designed for both men and women. The Nike body spray has an interesting bit of trivia attached to it. Did you know Nike fragrances are not part of the popular sports brand of the same name? Nike fragrances, in fact, are a separate entity belonging to a Spanish company ‘Campomar’ and have nothing to do with the global sports shoes and apparel brand. Not that this fact changes anything about the popular Nike deodorants and perfumes. The Nike perfumes and deodorants are available for both men and women and are available in wide-ranging fragrances ranging from light, medium to strong fragrances. The Nike deo for woman is available in several variants namely – Nike up or down deo, Nike Woman Trendy deo, Nike Woman Casual, Nike Fission Deo spray, Nike Urban Musk, Nike Women Sensual Touch, Nike Woman 5th Element, Nike Woman Original deo, Nike Woman Gold deo spray, Nike Woman Blue Fantasy, Nike Woman Spicy Love and Nike Extreme deo. Almost all these variants of Nike spray are also available in Nike woman perfume form. For instance, the Nike Fission deo spray also has a complimenting Nike Fission EDT perfume to choose from. This particular deodorant offers a nice refreshing fragrance, while the active formula provides continuous protection from perspiration odours throughout the day. The Nike perfume for ladies is also available in the Nike N150 collection. One of the best Nike deo for women is probably the Nike Extreme deo, that has a sweet floral and fruity smell with citrusy and lavender notes and is great to wear in the daytime. The citrusy fragrance lingers on for a long time keep you feeling and smelling good throughout the day. For all the men out there, there is also a wide variety of Nike deo for man to choose from. The different Nike sprays for man are – Nike Man Green EDT natural spray, Nike Fission Men Deodorant spray, Nike Urban Musk, Nike Up or Down for men, Nike No Limits, Nike Cool Paranoia, Nike Red Man Deo, Nike Ride Men deo, Nike Indigo man, Nike Brown EDT Deo, Nike 150 cool wind, Nike Extreme Wind, Nike N150 On Fire, Nike Man 5th Element and the Nike Man Basic Yellow deo. The entire range of Nike deodorants is available in a standard size pack of 200ml, while the Nike perfume N150 range is available in 150ml packs. The Nike deo prices are quite economical and are well affordable. Nike deodorants can easily be bought across all super and hypermarkets. One can even buy them online at bigbasket and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep.