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    Nandini is a product line of dairy products that makes their strong presence felt in grocery stores and dairy parlours across Karnataka. Linked to the government run Karnataka Milk Federation Nandini is a household name amongst the people of North and South Karnataka. For fresh and hygienic products, Nandini dairy products are the right choice. In line with this tendency, bigbasket, the online grocery supermarket offers an assortment of 9 products under this brand name; much to the satisfaction of people living in the state of Karnataka.

    Dairy Product

    Dairy products although seen as perishable items are also potent sources of protein and calcium. Bigbasket through its Nandini products promotes the health of consumers by offering them in their freshest forms. Be it fresh paneer or pure gheeavailable in a container and a poly pack, both these products reach your doorstep in their purest forms. A special mention goes out to the packaging of bigbasket which packs these dairy products separately as part of your online order so that they can be easily stocked into your refrigerator without any fuss.Dairy products are unavoidable in any household. We all consume dairy in some form or the other unless we are lactose intolerant. Dairy is any product derivative from milk of an animal such as goat or cow. There are several brands that offer a wide range of dairy products and Nandini is one such big player in the Indian market for its extensive range of dairy. You can now find Nandini’s whole dairy range on bigbasket’s online store. Nandini is a brand that has originated from Karnataka and has a strong presence all through the state. They can be found across almost all dairy parlors and grocery stores. If you are looking for fresh dairy products maintained in hygienic conditions, Nandini is for you. They offer an array of assortments under the dairy product category. Some of the commonly bought products under this brand are Nandini Milk, Nandini ghee, Nandini curd and Nandini butter. Nandini dairy also covers other aspects of dairy division. Nandini milk products are not just limited to fully processed foods, but also Nandini milk power, used to make mix with water and make milk at home. You can find a range within their milk products itself, such as Nandini toned milk, Nandini skimmed milk and Nandini slim milk. The options are plenty to choose from. Nandini goodlife milk is a range within the brand which is UHT processed cow milk sold to you in different size packages. All their products are sold at a nominal price to make sure they are made available to all sectors of the society. Find the best Nandini milk prices, Nandini ghee price, Nandini butter price and more while shopping online on bigbasket. If you have a sweet tooth, milk pedas are something that you cannot resist. Nandini sweets also offer Nandini peda under the Nandini product list, reaching out to all the sweet lovers. The quality of the products under this brand are unquestionable and is one of the most trusted in the market for dairy products. You can now buy all your Nandini products from bigbasket and have it delivered to your house. Keeping in mind that dairy products need to be maintained in clean and hygienic conditions and the right temperature, our delivery person will have them brought to you in appropriate packaging and as fresh as ever. Look out great discounts, deals and offers while shopping for these products online on our store.

    Free Delivery of Milk Products

    Choosing to go the Nandini online way is the best to enjoy the nutritional benefits of numerous milk products listed under this name. Bigbasket which offers close to 18,000 products, all of which can be home delivered according to your timing specifications also becomes your one-stop-shop for all your dairy needs. Helping the residents of 25 major cities in India consumers are guaranteed timely delivery of fresh dairy products.

    Multiple Brands

    While choosing to order fresh curdfrom Milky Mist, you also have an option to buy unsalted cooking butterfrom Nandini. Make your mornings tastier and smoother with Nandini salted butter spread on bread slices. Amul with its dairy products line including milk of various sorts and ice creams is one of the noted brands enlisted on bigbasket. Nestle offers milk in tetra packs which stay fresh for long. Danone is another player in the dairy products market which offers a host of flavoured yoghurts along with curd. And if you wish to enjoy the richness of lassi while on the go, order the fruit flavoured lassi from Frugurtonline.