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    Buy Mortein Products Online in India

    Mortein is a famous brand for Repellents & Fresheners and Household products hundreds of Indian's offers. Mortein provides Indians most famous powerful coil, containing the powerful BFN active. Its unique formula is 7 times more powerful than ordinary coils. Buy Mortein products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Mortein products is between Rs. 27 and Rs. 225. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Mortein products like Mortein Liquid, Coil, Rat Kill Cake and many others online at Bigbasket.

    Buy Mortein insecticide Online

    Mortein is an Australian brand of household insecticide owned by Reckitt Benckiser. Together with its sister product Aerogard, a popular insect repellent, Mortein has become something of a household name in Australia, owing much in this regard to its cartoon antagonist, Louie the Fly in the advertisements. Louie was drawn and animated by Geoffrey Morgan Pike and made his first appearance on Australian TV in 1957. Mortein's slogan is "More smart, more safe, Mortein." The word "Mortein" is a combination of the French word "mort" (dead) and the German word "ein" (one).