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    Personal hygiene and personal care is an important part of every individual’s life and should not be neglected or taken for granted. We need to keep ourselves clean because we travel to so many places and visit many people during the day that our body tends to accumulate germs and dirt. By keeping ourselves clean and bathing everyday with soap we can prevent several skin diseases and in turn protect ourselves from various infections, diseases and skin conditions. One of the most popular Indian brands in the personal grooming category is Medimix soap. Medimix is a brand which has been in the market for years together in India and is also one of the most trusted and reputed brand among many Indians. Medimix sandal soap is one of the most popular and most purchased product of this brand. Medimix is one of the brands of Cholayil, which has a wide range of product line and specializes in ayurvedic products for the skin. Under the Medimix brand, the range of products available are bathing bar and soap, face wash, ayurvedic body wash, ayurvedic intimate hygiene wash, ayurvedic Lakshadi gel and ayurvedic nourishment shampoo. All of the product ranges in Medimix are enriched with ayurvedic medicinal properties which is an added advantage for customers looking for more organic and eco-friendly personal care products. The Medimix ayurvedic soap is the first soap to be introduced by the brand and it contains an exclusive blend of 18 herbs and premium grade vegetable glycerine which is not harsh on the skin. This soap is good for dry skin as it also contains Lakshadi oil which helps moisturise the skin, reduces itching and cracks that are developed due to the dryness. Medimix glycerine soap is best used by customers with dry skin as it contains natural glycerine which helps in moisturising the skin. You can now buy the Medimix glycerine soap online on Bigbasket with ease. Medimix glycerine soap price is priced at Rs.30 for 75gm soap bar and Rs.47 for a 125gm soap bar. These two bars are also available in multipacks of 2 online on Bigbasket. Medimix sandal soap price is priced at Rs.141 for a multipack of 3 soap bars which are 125gm each on Bigbasket. Medimix soap price online starts from Rs.30 for a single soap bar and goes up to Rs.141 for multipacks. The new Medimix soap ranges are quickly becoming popular with the customers because of its great quality and affordable prices which are also producing good results. You can now buy Medimix soap online on Bigbasket and browse through all their product ranges and choose one that best suits your needs. So go ahead and order Medimix soap for face and body and get glowing, moisturized skin in no time!