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    Buy Maggi products - Noodles, Soups, Sauces, and Pasta on bigbasket

    If you are looking to stock your home with Maggi noodles, pasta or sauce for your next kid’s pyjama party or your kitty part, then bigbasket is the place to buy them online. With most of the flavours and varieties available, you will have no difficulty in purchasing your product, be it- pasta, noodles, sauces or soups. So instead of heading to the grocery store or supermarket, just log onto bigbasket and order online from the convenience of your home.

    Fun and nutrition with a difference:

    International cuisine has clawed its way into our Indian food table in a very unassuming and subtle way. Indians are now enjoying the best of international cuisine within their homes as brands within the country have made every effort to help them satisfy their palette.

    Earlier, if someone wanted to have noodles, they would need to visit a Chinese restaurant or a five-star hotel. But manufacturers gauged the gap in demand for ingredients that could help Indian families to churn out international cuisines at home. Maggi was the solution to all their problems. From sauces to noodles, the first word that comes to our mind by its sheer mention is Maggi!

    Kids love noodles, soups and pasta. A bowl of Maggi noodles or pasta could cheer them up, and the very sight of it in their lunchboxes could brighten up their dull day. Indians love their chai and pakodas or any deep fried snack, and if the plate is missing the Maggi sauce, it does not complete the dish.

    With food habits changing and evolving, Maggi has definitely bought a lot of variety to your dining table. Indians love their food, and we at bigbasket recognise this and therefore choose the best brands on our site. All products available are of high-quality and sourced from responsible suppliers to assure that you get the best.

    Products that bring pure joy:

    When you think of noodles, Maggi is what first comes to your mind. Maggi Instant noodles are easy to cook and take just a few minutes to make. Maggi Instant noodles or cup o noodles is a life saviour for working mothers, college kids in hostels, school kids and bachelors. All you do is boil a cup of water, add the ingredients in the pack, and let it cook for just 2 minutes. With growing health concerns, they have also come up with unique Atta Noodles and Oats Maggi to help you keep a check on your health and nutrition.

    Maggi Tomato Ketchup and Sauce are of course a permanent feature in any refrigerator of an Indian household or even on the tables of hotels and restaurants. A fired Indian snack is enhanced with the combination of tomato ketchup or sauce. With different flavours like Hot & Spicy, Rich Tomato, you can easily win your guests over at you next gathering.

    For those who love pasta, Maggi has an instant variety of that too where all you need to do is just cut open the pack and empty the ingredients. Follow the instructions on the pack and have pasta on your table in a jiffy.

    Maggi seasoning cubes are a great hit with home chefs and restaurant chefs as they add a twist to ay dish. Just one cube in any dish is enough to give a tangy, mouthwatering tinge to a dish. Maggi Coconut milk powder is also a great substitute for Coconut Milk. Just add water and get creamy coconut milk in an instant. It is ideal for South Indian and Thai dishes.

    If you are on bigbasket, buying any Maggi product is no longer a difficult decision. We ensure that only the best make it to our side. We take every effort to verify the distributors to make sure about the authenticity of the product.

    Brand that resonates quality:

    At bigbasket, we stock only those brands that have a high turnover and continuous demand. We know the importance that customers assign to the quality of a product, especially with respect to food. This is why we choose to stock Maggi products in abundance as it guarantees quality.

    The Maggi brand belongs to Nestle and originated in Switzerland. Maggi started with advertising instant two-minute noodles in the 1980s and has never looked back then. From introducing different flavours to varieties like “No MSG”, “Less Salt” and “ No Trans-fat” to satisfy the health conscious customers.

    The international brand has given a revolutionary twist not only to regular noodles but to ketchup, sauces, pasta and seasoning to dishes as well. The brand has a list of products under each of these ranges. With a strong presence in the supermarkets of India, bigbasket has added the products of Maggi on to its site to buy according to customers’ convenience.

    The bigbasket advantage:

    At bigbasket, we make sure that we stock products for food items regularly. We ensure that a property inventory is maintained to bring fresh products to the consumer. From the range of Maggi products, you can choose between the varieties and flavours and buy them online. We make sure our transaction methods are not difficult so that customers can have a seamless shopping experience.

    Every range of item is well stocked and available all the time all year round. Buying it online from bigbasket is simple, and our team of people deliver it on time. We are always offering discounts and offers on Maggi products. Keep a close eye on the deals on our website to grab yourself a good deal to save you money. The price range of Maggi products is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 145. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Maggi new range products like Instant Noodles, Ketchups, Soups and many others online at bigbasket.