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    Life is too short to have boring hair. A brilliant cut makes the hair look great, however, to look amazing add colour to it. Coloured hair is a trend that has been carried on for a very long time all across the globe. However, there is a misconception that hair colouring can only be done in salons as it is a professional care service. There are several brands that offer hair colours that can be applied and used by yourself at home. L’oreal is one of the most preferred brands all over the world not just for its hair colours, but all other products as well. L’oreal hair colour is the real deal when it comes to colouring your hair. You can now find all of L’oreal hair colour shades when you shop online on bigbasket. L’oreal professional hair colour can transform the look and feel of your hair within few steps. The L’oreal color is perfect for touch-ups, highlights, streaks or global hair dyeing, whatever you prefer. There are close to 130 L’oreal hair color shades in India for you to choose from. L’oreal excellence hair colour and L’oreal serie expert not only colours your hair beautifully, but also causes zero damage to your hair. It in facts, takes hair care a step forward by nourishing and adding the additional shine to your mane. If you are worried about the amount of chemicals used in your hair colour, fret no more. The global brand also offers a wide range of ammonia free hair colours that are completely safe to use. The most popular L’oreal hair colours shades in brown are L’oreal burgundy hair colour and L’oreal dark brown hair colour. It only gets even more special with L’oreal hair colour shades for Indian skin. You can choose the colour that best suits your skin tone and show off that beautifully coloured hair. With the wide range of colours and products, there is always something for every kind of skin tone and liking. You can never run out of options in this range of L’oreal hair colours. L’oreal hair colour price depends on the colour that you buy and also the size of pack. Shop online for your preferred choice of hair colour and have it delivered to your home. You no more need to step out to the salon or even to the shop to pick out your hair colour. Our efficient delivery team will have your L’oreal hair colour delivered to you within no time. Look out for amazing discounts, offers and deals when shopping online on bigbasket. Our multi pack and value packs are a complete steal. It is unlikely that you can find such products anywhere in the market.