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    Lifebuoy is like the grandfather of all soaps that has been rendering its services in keeping a person healthy and germ-free for 123 years. There is a lot of nostalgic memories attached to the Lifebuoy soaps, back when they were only available in their iconic brick red form. Lifebuoy Soaps, unlike other soaps, has a rich history behind it. The Lifebuoy soaps were launched way back in the year 1895 in England where it began it’s life by the name of Sunlight soap and was primarily used for household cleaning. It was only later that the Lifebuoy soap was born to stop and control cholera. Initially identified as carbolic soap Lifebuoy was one of the first soap to use carbolic acid which gave its signature red colouring and medicinal odour and was mostly used by surgeons for disinfecting purpose. Today, however, Lifebuoy is no longer a carbolic soap and does not use carbolic acid in its ingredients and instead uses red colour with modern aromas to appease to modern tastes and preferences. Lifebuoy soap today is, in fact, the world’s number one selling germ protection soap. The most obvious of Lifebuoy soap benefit is germ protection apart from that its other benefits include preventing acne, body odour and superior protection from various skin infections. Hindustan Unilever Ltd, the current owner of Lifebuoy soaps today offer 6 variants of Lifebuoy soaps namely – Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Soap bar, Lifebuoy Vita Protect Soap bar, Lifebuoy Natural Betel Leaf Soap Bar, Lifebuoy moisture plus soap bar, Lifebuoy mild care soap bar, Lifebuoy Total 10 germ protection soap bar and Lifebuoy Cool Fresh Soap Bar. Each of these soaps has their own benefits, for instance, the Lifebuoy Total 10 germ protection soap contains the specially formulated and patented ‘Activ Natural Shield’ that is proven to eliminate all kinds of germs. The Lifebuoy lemon fresh soap bar offers the goodness of lemons that are known to have powerful antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Besides that, the strong citrusy fragrance keeps body odour at bay and keeps you fresh throughout the day. The Lifebuoy mild care soap as the name suggests is a mild cleanser and great for sensitive skin. It contains the goodness of milk cream, which together with Activ Natural Shield provides delicate yet deep cleanse. Similarly, the Lifebuoy Moisture Plus Soap bar is another great soap known for its ultra-moisturising formulation and offers the goodness of yoghurt in it. The special formula of Lifebuoy moisture plus bar helps protect against 10 infections causing germs while the goodness of yoghurt provides moisturisation to the skin. Likewise, the other Lifebuoy soap benefits are quite extensive and are a great soap to include in the daily cleansing regimen. The Lifebuoy soaps are available in various convenient packs of 56g, 100g and 125g. Lifebuoy soap price is extremely economical and affordable, which is one of the chief reasons behind its massive popularity in the country. The Lifebuoy soap pricelist is variable and varies according to the soap bar size. For example, the Lifebuoy 100g soap price is quite cheap and affordable. Similarly, the lifebuoy soap 125g price is Rs 28 but one can get the lifebuoy soaps at a much lower rate online at bigbasket that offers a vast array of Lifebuoy products to choose from along with attractive deals and discounts.