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    Lays Chips Online

    Lays, the world’s largest and favourite snack food brand. They offers wide categories like Potato Chips, Ketchup, Roast Chicken. Lays Classic Potato Chips is made with specially selected potatoes and to the highest quality standards. It’s the ‘Classic’ snack tradition Canadians love. Buy Lays products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Lays products is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 35. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Lays products like Lays Sweet Chili, Salt and Vinegar and many others online at Bigbasket.

    Lays Products

    The brand “lays” stands synonyms to chips in the snacks market. It is one of the most favorite and popular brand in the world. The Lays chips is not only a favorite of children all around, but also adults of all age groups. The product line of Lays chips is wide and extensive, and you can now shop for them all on bigbasket’s online store. Lays potato chips are made from specially picked potatoes that are of the highest standards and thus are of impeccable taste. It is one of the classic go to snack brand for chips for people all over the world. Lays flavors worldwide are plenty and change according to the country as well. The four classic flavours that you can find anywhere are American classic cream and onion, classic salted, India’s magic masala, hot and sweet chili and Spanish tomato. The packet of blue lays, Indian magic masala, as the name suggests is preferred by most Indians for its tasty and spicy masala flavor. The orange lays packet, hot and sweet chili, is also liked by many in the Indian market for its tangy, yet spicy taste. These two make for the popular Lays flavours in India for many. For people looking for a mild flavor, the lays green, which is creamy onion is a good option. Lays Maxx and Lays Crips are new lays chips exclusive additions to the product line and is slowly picking up in the market. The Lays chips flavors under Lays Maxx are Maccho chili, sizzling barbeque and hot and sour punch. The price range for Lays chips price vary from Rs.10 to Rs.35. At such nominal prices, this brand of potato chips is accessible to each and every one and is also a favorite among many. Lays chips is a great option to serve at your parties in a snack bowl, be it for kids or adults to munch on. You can now buy your Lays packets from the comfort of your house. Bigbasket offers you all the flavors in the market on its online store. Simply scroll through our page and put your preferred choice of Lays in the cart and order away, while our efficient delivery team delivers them at your doorstep. It only gets better with the unlimited deals on offers and discounts given on our platform. Our value packs are great options to pick and serve if you are hosting a party at home.

    Buy Lays Products in India

    Lays began in 1932, when Herman W. Lay started a small business in Nashville Tennessee distributing potato chips made by a company in Atlanta, Georgia. Six years later Herman bought that company to form H. W. Lay & Company. By 1997, Lays was the undisputed leader, crowned the favourite potato chip brand in Canada and continues to be the favourite choice among Canadian potato chip lovers. In 1944, Herman simplified the company’s name to the one we all know today: Lays Potato Chips and became the first snack food company to advertise on television.