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    Kurkure Masala Munch was heavily flavored with a very tasty masala seasoning that tasted very, very good, with some heat to go along with the flavor. In India Kurkure range is Flavour and Desi Beats are available. Buy Kurkure products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Kurkure products is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 30. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Kurkure products like Kurkure Flavours Masala Munch, Deewana Tamatar, Chilli Chatka and many others online at Bigbasket.Snacks time is almost everyones favorite time, be it in school, college, office or at home. It is when we indulge in a small sized snack and share it with the people around us. There are several snacks available in the market in terms of biscuits, chips, cookies and so on. Kurkure is truly one of a kind product under the snacks category. The Kurkure chips can be found in all markets around you and can now be ordered online from the comfort of your house on bigbasket as well. Kurkure Namkeen is a heavily flavored chip with a spicy and little tangy masala seasoning. The flavor has a tinge of heat in it and is loved by many. The Kurkure chips comes in different flavors and Indian varieties such as Kurkure chili chatka, Kurkure popcorn, Kurkure shahi mix, Kurkure mixture, Kurkure butter masti and more. It is the individual Kurkure masala used in each that makes it stand out from the rest of the chips in the market, giving it the taste that it has. Kurkure namkeen price differs from one flavor to another and also the packet size. The price range of Kurkure products ranges between Rs.10 and Rs.30. It is offered at an affordable price making it available to many. You can find some of the best deals and prices for Kurkure and all other snacks, groceries and household items when shopping online on bigbasket now. Kurkure Aloo bhujia 1 kg is one of the most popular varieties of the brand. The entire range of Kurkure is an apt option to choose for a party that you are throwing at home, for your child’s school snack or simply to munch on while at home. Our multipack options are great deals to pick while shopping online with us. They come of great use when you have large number of people to feed or simply want to stock your kitchen shelf with more. It is unlikely that you will find such deals elsewhere in the market.

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    Kurkure Launched in 1999, this perfect ‘namkeen’ snack, fully developed in India, has become the torchbearer of fun and lovable human quirks. It is made in automated plants in three locations. These are in Channo ( Punjab ),Kolkata and Pune. Kurkure has found a home in the hearts & minds of all and enjoys the position of a strong Lovemark brand in India.Order Kurkure 1 kg namkeen online on bigbasket now and have it delivered to your house. Our well-structured delivery system brings your shopping orders to your doorstep giving you a hassle free shopping experience. All you have to do is sit back, scroll through our platform and order away. Munch and crunch your way through your mid-day hunger with some of the tastiest snacks like Kurkure available in the market.