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    Cereal is one of the most common breakfasts consumed all over the world. When it comes to cereal brands, Kelloggs is one name that cannot be missed. Although Kelloggs is an American multinational company, it has become the household name for breakfast food amongst many Indian households. The ready to eat English breakfast item is not just tasty but is also healthy and saves a lot of your time. You can now buy any kind of Kelloggs cereal online on bigbasket. Kelloggs offers a wide range of cereals. Some of the most popular ones are Kelloggs cornflakes, Kelloggs muesli, Kelloggs chocos fills, Kelloggs muesli fruit and nut and more. If you are a chocolate lover, Kelloggs Chocos is just for you. The entire product line of Kelloggs comes with many nutritional benefits. They are a fulfilling meal and will keep hunger at bay for a long period of time. If you are a conscious eater and pick and choose your food, the Kelloggs wheat flakes would be the best option. The price of Kelloggs cereal depends upon the variant that you pick. Kelloggs corn flakes price on bigbasket is much more reasonable than the price in the markets given the numerous discounts and offers. Our multipack offers are a great choice to pick if your family regularly consumes cereal as a part of their meals. You are unlikely to find such deals anywhere in the supermarket around you. Kelloggs not only sells cereals, but also has a special variety for the Indian customers. The Kelloggs masala oats is absolutely tasty and is formulated to suit the Indian taste buds. You can now buy any product from the Kelloggs product line online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house. Our efficient delivery team will have them delivered to you within no time. Kelloggs is an easy and healthy way to start your mornings. Order your cereal along with all your groceries and household essentials online on bigbasket and we will deliver it to you. You no more need to step out of your house to buy any of these. We ensure high quality at best prices on our platform, giving you absolute value for your money. Shop online on bigbasket and avail amazing deals. We are your one stop shop for all that you need. Energize your mornings with any of Kelloggs products that best suits your taste. You can even have it as a snack! It is an easy and healthy way to start your mornings with Kellogs products by ordering on bigbasket, the online store for groceries and household essentials. Bringing in the concept of ready to eat English breakfast items to Indian homes, Kelloggs, the American multinational food company has become the household name amongst many Indian families. Avoiding the effort of preparing breakfast food, the entire product line of Kelloggs comes with many nutritional benefits. With a wide choice of tasty cereals and wholesome foods, it is through bigbasket, the online grocery store, that you can benefit from these international cereals by choosing to eat light and healthy.

    Product Line Promises Nutrition

    Kick start your day with nutritious breakfast items like wheat flakes. Chocolaty Chocos which are the hot favourites amongst youngsters and school-going children can be ordered while you choose to buy flakes online. As Kelloggs corn flakes are the most patronised products, there are many other variants that are tagged under the ready-to-eat cereals category. These convenience foods in addition to being noted as nourishing products, come as perfect snacks when teamed with milk. And if you wish to relish most of the flavours of Kelloggs, a variety pack becomes your right choice.

    The Convenience of Online Shopping

    It is a matter of convenience to place an online order for power-packed nutritious snacks relished by your entire family. Extera museli which comes in multiple variations includes the richness of fruits and nuts alongside flavoured corn flakes tickling the taste buds of foodies. Featuring a long list of 18,000 products, all of which can be delivered to your doorstep, bigbasket comes as a boon to consumers residing in major Indian cities.

    Multiple Options for Easy Breakfast

    You can relish a bowl of Kellogs Oats or Quaker oats. And if you wish to make your breakfast even more exciting, you can choose to order Fresho brand of cut fruits to add a fruity zing to your oats’ preparations. Keen on a South-Indian breakfast? Then you can simply order the ready-to-eat breakfast items from MTR via bigbasket. Honey and raisins are the flavourings that come with Bagrry’s muesli which make your breakfast delicious and healthy. The Saffola brand of nutty crunch is another tasty and healthy offering that can make its strong presence felt on Indian breakfast tables.