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    Many of us have probably heard this age-old adage ‘health is wealth’ many a time but its true significance is being seen only today when tons of money is being spent to achieve good health. It is in this regard that varied nutritional drinks come to our rescue. These drinks are fortified with varied essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to provide some much-needed boost to our health. Horlicks is one such great nutritional drink that has been helping Indians get to their prime over several generations. Horlicks is a complete family drink with something for everyone - right from the toddlers to adults, mothers, pregnant woman and seniors, with specifically designed products to provide an age-appropriate dose of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and the likes. The Junior Horlicks packed with DHA and choline and other essential vitamins and nutrients are specifically designed to cater to toddlers who are notoriously fussy eaters for appropriate brain development along with optimum height and weight development. Along with Junior Horlicks, there is also a Junior Horlicks Growth+ that is paediatrician developed advanced nutrition drinks for children. The regular Horlicks works great for young kids and come in attractive flavours namely chocolate Horlicks, Kesar badam, Elaichi and the classic malt flavour. With regular consumption of this powerful drinks, kids have clinically been proven to become ‘taller, stronger and sharper’ as claimed by the brand as some of the many Horlicks benefits. Households with growing kids are always on the lookout for nutritional supplements in the form of a healthy drink/a>. This is when they look for the Horlicks brand which is ranked as the leading health drink provider in addition to being the most trusted beverage brand in India. Regarded as an arm of UK based Glaxo SmithKline, Horlicks which has a history of over 125 years entered India as a family malt drink between 1940s and 1950s. And to derive the health benefits of these milk products, it comes as a well-informed move to order them via bigbasket, the online supermarket.

    Nutrition Products

    Wheat flour, malted barley and dried milk form the core Horlicks ingredients. The key to Horlicks high nutrition palate is the use of 9 nutrients namely Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin C, D, copper, folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc that have been clinically proven to boost immunity, make bones stronger, increase lean tissue, aid concentration, aid healthier blood and healthy weight gain. With such dense nutrients found in Horlicks India, it is no wonder that it is so beneficial for the health and is one of the most preferred nutritional drinks in India. Horlicks can be given to children right until their adulthood, where you have the option to switch over to the all-new Lite Horlicks. Lite Horlicks is specifically designed to cater to the needs of active adults and has high protein content with zero cholesterol and no added sugar. In addition to that it also contains several vital nutrients and minerals for the health and fitness of a grown adult. Besides Lite Horlicks there is also Horlicks protein+. Horlicks protein+ offers the goodness of triple proteins namely – whey protein, soy protein and casein protein and is great for muscle and bone health of an adult. Catering to the needs of a woman is Women’s Horlicks which is a bone nutrition specialist drink with CALSEAL formula for optimum bone health. Women’s Horlicks is available in delicious caramel and chocolate flavour and is a great nutritional drink for ladies. There is also one Horlicks for pregnant and lactating women named Mother’s Horlicks. Mother’s Horlicks with 27 vital nutrients is specifically designed for expecting and lactating mothers and not supports the health of the mother but takes care of the baby as well. Horlicks although being quite nutritive and popular drink is quite inexpensive and affordable for the masses. The Horlicks price varies depending upon the type and size of Horlicks being bought. Rush today and buy Horlicks drinks and Horlicks biscuit online from bigbasket and drink your way to good health. Plus when you buy from bigbasket you also get to save money with the attractive discounts and deals being offered for the health of your wallets. Attempting to provide a balanced diet to toddlers and school going kids, Horlicks provides nutrition to youngsters with its Junior Health & Nutrition Drink. Offering to help women fight their calcium deficiency, Women’s Horlicks is another product that is widely sourced via bigbasket. Mother’s Horlicks is another product introduced by the brand for new mothers. With delicious flavours to choose from, you can choose between Kesar flavoured Horlicks and chocolate milk. Adding a section of eatables to the inventory of this famous beverage brand, Horlicks India also offers healthy oats to consumers who wish to eat light and healthy.

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    With over 18,000 products that are made available on the online shopping interface of bigbasket, the idea of placing an order by choosing from amongst a motley of choices is worthwhile. In an attempt to make your mornings full of fun, health and excitement, bigbasket offers wholesome breakfast items. Supported by a home delivery service that can be availed by families residing in 25 major cities across India, the facility to order various products with a single click is what makes online shopping a sheer pleasure.

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