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    We live in a hot and humid country which makes it very important for us to keep ourselves constantly hydrated. It is also equally important for us to ensure that the water we drink is fresh, hygienic and pristine. Himalayan water is untouched and unprocessed water from the peak of the Himalayas. It is enriched with natural minerals and has the perfect alkaline content which makes it suitable for your body and good health. Natural mineral water is not easily available in the city which is why bigbasket makes it available to you.While keeping in mind several daily necessities, we often overlook one of the basic needs of living, which is clean drinking water. Living in a hot and humid country like ours, the importance to drink water and stay hydrated has been given enough emphasis time and again. It is equally important for us to drink clean and fresh water to drink. There are several brands that sell safe and hygienic packaged drinking water. Himalayan mineral water is one of the best among the several brands of mineral water available in the market. Buy Himalayan mineral water online on bigbasket now. Himalayan water is unprocessed water that is taken directly from the peak of the Himalayan range. It is enriched with natural minerals and has the perfect alkaline content that is required for our good health. The Himalayan water minerals not only does good to our health, but also helps us feel fresh instantaneously. While other parts of the world have access to clean drinking water from their taps, it is not the same case in India.

    Freshness of Himalayan

    Himalayan Natural Mineral Water by the Tata group solely focuses on bringing to you packaged drinking water. Unlike other mineral water, Himalayan is a natural drink which can be considered a health drink for all the goodness of nature that’s packed in it. Percolated over 20 years, it is nature’s gift to man, untouched and unprocessed by humans and free from bacteria. Its freshness and purity does wonders for the human body.

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    There is also Himalayan flavored water available. The Himalayan mineral water bottle price depends on the size of the bottle that you wish to buy. You can buy Himalayan mineral water 500 ml or 1Ltr online on bigbasket. There is also an option to buy an entire carton of 12 bottles of 1 ltr Himalayan mineral water on bigbasket. This is a wonderful option to pick for regular consumption of the Himalayan water. One of the main hassles of buying cartons of bottles or even your grocery and household stuff is carrying them to your car or back home. Our efficient and well connected delivery system will have your order delivered to you within hours of ordering. So no more hassle and arm work outs for you with your groceries. While shopping online on bigbasket, do not forget to look out for amazing deals, offers and discounts on our site. Our multi and value packs are absolutely the best to consider. We give utmost importance to customer satisfaction and thus only provide top quality products at reasonable prices on our platform. Choose the Himalayan mineral water life now and watch your health transform in many ways. Everyone is entitled to clean drinking water, which is why we have made it available to one and all on our online platform. You are just a few clicks away from a healthier lifestyle. Order away now. Bigbasket offers a wide selection of beverages online. Himalayan Water is available in packages of 1 liter or a pack of 12 1 liter bottles. They are delivered to most areas of the major cities across India within 24 to 48 hours. These products are handled with so much care and caution that the products will reach you in perfect condition without spillage. So opt for bigbasket’s timely and efficient delivery for an effortless online shopping experience. Giving you an easy to use app experience, bigbasket makes the need to travel to a physical supermarket no longer necessary. Browse through the various categories in the app and choose what you need or what is best for you. With just a click, bigbasket groceries can easily be delivered to your doorstep, and is available in most major cities in India. Offering a choice between standard and fast-track delivery, you can accept the delivery of your online order at your doorstep at a time when you are available at home.

    Other Brands

    Other brands of natural mineral water available at bigbasket are Qua and Vedica. Other mineral water brands like Kinley, Bisleri and Aquafina are also available. Live natural and live healthy. Order your bottle of Himalayan Natural water today on the bigbasket online app.