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    While we all tend to turn towards several shampoos and conditioners for our hair care routine, over the years the traditional hair care treatment of oiling has been long gone. Our grandma’s have emphasized on the use of oil for our hair for a very good reason. Our hair is exposed to so much pollution and free radicals that is found in the atmosphere, oils help nourish and protect our hair from the damage caused due to them. While coconut oil is the most common option we turn to for all our hair problems, Himalaya has come out with its own unique formulation of oils that target specific hair conditions. You can now find a range of Himalaya hair oil while shopping online on bigbasket’s online store. The Himalaya oil comes in different varieties. The Himalaya anti hair fall oil and Himalaya anti dandruff oil is the most common oils sought out for in the market. The Himalaya anti dandruff oil is formulated to treat dry scalp that propagates dandruff. It nourishes the scalp as well as the hair, preventing further dandruff being formed. Similarly, the Himalaya anti- hair fall oil prevents further breakage of the hair by strengthening the roots as well as the strands. The brand also provides Himalaya hair growth oil which is popular amongst those who are facing problems with hair growth. Under this brand, you can also find the Himalaya body oil and Himalaya tea tree oil that does wonders to your skin. Each oil is formulated to target a specific use and you can get the information for each of them on the site while shopping online with us. The Himalaya brand is also known to be purely herbal with no added chemicals, making it safe to use on the hair on a regular basis. The Himalaya hair oil price depends upon the type of oil you chose to buy. You can look for the appropriate bottle size that you are looking for and buy according to your needs. While shopping online on bigbasket, you can also find great deals of value packs and multi pack offers that will help you save heaps. These package deals offer shampoo, conditioner and oil giving you everything you need for an overall hair care routine. The brand also offers a wide range of personal care products that you can find on our online store. Shop for any of the Himalaya products online on bigbasket and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Our efficient delivery team will have your order delivered to you within just a few hours of ordering. Look out for amazing discounts and offers while shopping online with us!