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    Your face is the first thing everyone sees; now should that be the brightest and perfect looking? Looking after your skin and face is essential not only now but for ageing gracefully too. As a baby, you would have had the most perfect skin which is soft and smooth without any wrinkles. But over the years, the texture of your skin changes owing to the harsh chemicals and climatic conditions it is being exposed to. But by looking after your skin with good face care products such as Himalaya face wash you can regain all the youthfulness of your skin and also slow down aging. You can now buy Himalaya face cream and face wash on Bigbasket. Himalaya is a trusted cosmetic brand in India with over 300 products in the personal hygiene sector for every skin type possible. Over the years, they have consistently maintained their quality and standards with affordable pricing that has captured a large share of the market. Himalaya provides its customers with a range of face care products such as Himalaya cream for daily moisturizing, Himalaya neem face wash and Himalaya neem face pack for people with oily skin, Himalaya fairness cream for those who want to improve their complexion, Himalaya aloe Vera gel for regular use and many such more. They also have a range of products specifically for babies and for men and Himalaya men face wash is one of their popular men’s face care product. However, their range of face washes are what is popular as there are different face washes with different ingredients in them to suit every skin type. If you are having a dry skin, you may want to try Himalaya face wash for dry skin range such as their Himalaya aloe Vera face wash and Himalaya kesar face wash as it helps moisturize your skin without leaving it too dry. But it is always a problem for people with oily skin to find the right balance of face care product. Himalaya also has a solution this by providing you with Himalaya face wash for oily skin such as Himalaya lemon face wash and Himalaya face wash for pimples. Himalaya face wash price varies according to the skin type you are looking for as the ingredients in it varies and also according to the quantity required. It ranges from Rs.60 to Rs.180. The Himalaya face scrub range and Himalaya whitening face wash is also quite popular amongst women. with these amazing range of Himalaya face care products, you can now get back the glow on your skin with a touch of a button. Order these products online at Bigbasket and avail great offers and discounts on the face care range.