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    Himalaya Soap and Bathing Bars Online

    Soap is one of those things that is used by all. While some opt for commercial bathing bars, others love to indulge themselves with organic handmade soaps. Whatever be the choice of soap made, soap plays an essential part in our cleaning ritual. There are innumerable soaps in different shapes, sizes and varieties available in the market and natural soaps are one of them. Natural soaps are soaps that are prepared using herbal ingredients like olive, coconut, palm, sunflower, rose, etc, using minimal processing and no added synthetic substance and other artificial additives. There are many advantages of using natural soaps over the synthetic bathing bars. Synthetic soaps full of harsh chemicals that rob the skin of its moisture and suppleness leaving them dry, scaly and rough. Natural soaps, on the other hand, are moisturising and nourishing to the skin that restores the skin’s natural oils. There are several different brands of herbal soaps available in India and a leading brand among them is the Himalaya soap. Himalaya herbals, widely renowned for their safe and efficacious herbal products offer a wide range of natural bathing soaps. These Himalaya soap products have been produced after intensive research and testing to provide people with a range of gentle, effective and safe to use soaps on a regular basis. Some of the best and highly rated Himalaya soaps include – Himalaya Neem and Turmeric soap, Himalaya Aloe vera soap, Himalaya almond soaps, Himalaya honey soap and Himalaya almond and rose soap among others. The Himalaya Neem and turmeric soap as the name suggests has the goodness of Neem and turmeric in it. Both being powerful antiseptics are great for protecting the skin against dust, germs and pollution. For people with dry skin, the Himalaya honey and cream soap is the perfect cleanser. Having the goodness of milk cream it leaves the skin wonderfully nourished and moisturised. Not only that regular use of this soap results in blemish free clear skin. Another great Himalaya soap is the Himalaya Almond soap that is known to gently pamper the skin leaving it moist and supple. This soap also helps in effectively fighting off impurities and blemishes making the skin clear and refreshed throughout the day. You can even pamper your babies with the goodness of natural Himalaya baby soaps. There are four different varieties of baby soaps offered by Himalaya namely – Himalaya refreshing baby soap, Himalaya extra moisturising baby soap, Himalaya nourishing baby soap and Himalaya gentle baby soaps. Each of these baby soaps is specifically designed to cater to the sensitive skin of babies and are infused with varied oils to keep their skin healthy and hydrated. The best thing about Himalaya soaps is its prices. The Himalaya soap price is quite inexpensive and easily affordable. The Himalaya soaps pricelist is variable and is dependent upon the size of the soap and the variant chosen. For instance, the Himalaya Almond and Rose soap price for the 125ml pack is Rs 44, while the Himalaya baby soap price for the 75gm pack is Rs 40. However, you can grab Himalaya herbal soaps and baby soaps at a much lower price online from bigbasket. Bigbasket offers the entire range of Himalaya soap products so just browse the vast collection and order online to get it conveniently delivered to your doorsteps.