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    When it comes to chocolate, the common masses have long been denied some of the best premium chocolates available in the world, but not any longer. Today some of the best world chocolates have launched themselves in India and are easily available across the country. One such premium chocolate is the Hershey chocolate. With the launch of Hershey India, you can finally get your hands on the iconic Hershey kisses chocolate and not be depended upon that relative abroad to bring you home some. The Hershey kisses are available in three variants namely – milk chocolate, extra creamy, extra dark, almonds and cookies ‘n’ crème which is a heavenly combination of white chocolate and cookie bites. So give into some heavenly indulgence and let the chocolaty kisses warm up your soul. The Hershey kisses price of all the variants are the same and costs around Rs 775 for 340 gms but you can get them at a discount of Rs 697.50 only on bigbasket. Besides the kisses some of the other types of chocolates offered by Hershey are Hershey chocolate miniatures, Hershey’s Almonds, Hershey milk chocolate and almonds, Hershey’s nuggets special dark with almonds, Hershey’s dark chocolate and Hershey Special dark giant bars, Hershey’s whole almond rolled with creamy milk chocolate drops and much more. With so many different Hershey chocolate varieties to choose from let your inner Willie Wonka flow and lose yourself in the chocolaty world of Hershey. The varied range of Hershey chocolates can easily be found online on bigbasket and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. All Baking & Dessert Items products from Hersheys are available here. Bigbasket – the online grocery store and supermarket brings to you all Hersheys products online in India.

    Buy Hersheys Online

    Besides the varied range of delicious chocolates, Hershey India also offers a range of other products like Hershey syrup which you can add to your milk, cakes, pancakes and ice creams and enjoy the same rich taste. Hershey’s range of syrup includes – Hershey chocolate syrup or Hershey chocolate sauce, Hershey strawberry syrup, Hershey caramel syrup and Hershey special dark mildly sweet syrup. The Hershey goodness does not stop here and some of the other Hershey products you can easily find in India are the delicious range of milkshake which is guaranteed to cheer you up. The various Hershey milkshake variants include – chocolates, strawberry, almond and cookies ‘n’ crème. Apart from that, there is also Hershey cocoa that can help you make some extremely delicious chocolaty cookies, fudge and brownies. For Hershey lovers the good times doesn’t even stop here, there are also Hershey chocolate spreads available for your morning toasts. The Hershey spread is available in two variants namely – Hershey Spread – cocoa and Hershey spread – cocoa and almonds. You can easily find the varied Hershey products conveniently at bigbasket also get attractive discounts on them. Wait no longer and let the chocolaty times begin. A famous brand which produces Baking & Dessert Items and Branded Foods products is Hersheys . Over the years Hersheys has now become a household name for Sofit Soya Milk - Vanilla,Sofit Soya Milk - Mango and Syrup - Chocolate. All Hersheys products can be found within the Rs.20 to Rs.185 price range. Good product quality, low prices and customer satissfaction have helped Hersheys grow in India and abroad.