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    Buy Harpic Products Online in India

    A bathroom cum toilet is one of the most essential parts of a house, but it is also one of the dirtiest part of the house. Even if they look clean, a bathroom is a host to innumerable bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that can make you very sick. The bathroom needs to be dis-infected daily. For this purpose, you need to use a proper disinfectant toilet cleaner like Harpic toilet cleaner for a bathroom that does not only look clean but is actually clean. Many toilet cleaners available offer only superficial cleaning and does not essentially kill the varied microorganisms thriving in the bathroom. Bacteria’s like the deadly E. coli can survive from a few hours to a full day, while the calicivirus responsible for causing stomach flu can survive for days up to weeks if they are not killed with a good toilet cleaner. So you can just imagine what kind of health nuisance can these create for you and your loved ones. The stronger Harpic toilet cleaner kills 99.9% bacteria, removes 10 times more yellow stains and also removes any odour and the unpleasant smell emanating from the toilet. This triple action formula makes Harpic toilet cleaner much better than any run of the mill acid, phenyls and bleach. Harpic toilet cleaner is available in three fragrances namely – original, orange and rose for a clean and fresh bathroom. The Harpic cleaner is available in a 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml packs. The Harpic toilet cleaner 200ml price is Rs 26 for the original variant while the Harpic toilet cleaner 500ml price is Rs 82 but you can get it online at a discounted price of Rs 74.55 only from bigbasket. Whereas the Harpic 1ltr price Rs 160. Another important component of a clean toilet is the Harpic flushmatic that cleanses and disinfects the toilet bowl with every flush. All you need to do is drop in the Harpic flushmatic tablet in your cistern block and it would do the rest. The ingenious Harpic flushmatic price is only Rs 65 for a 50gm pack. In addition to that, there is also the Harpic power fresh 6 toilet rim block, that you need to securely attach to the rim of the toilet where the flush waters flow maximum for an ultimately clean and fresh toilet. The dangerous E.coli bacteria does not remain limited to your toilet space only in fact it can be found within six feet of the toilet. As such, you also need to properly and regularly disinfect your bathroom thoroughly and to make this task easier for you is the new Harpic bathroom cleaner that has been specially formulated to kill germs, remove tough stains and also be gentle on the bathroom surface. Your Harpic bathroom cleaner also doubles up as Harpic floor cleaner so you don’t require any extra cleaning agent for your floors. Just wipe your floors with Harpic bathroom cleaner for squeaky clean floors. This uniquely strong bathroom disinfectant and cleaner are available in floral and lemon variants in various convenient packs of 200ml, 500ml and 1000ml. The Harpic bathroom cleaner price is Rs 84 but you can get it online at a discounted price of Rs 76.36 from bigbasket. Hurry, get your Harpic bottle online from bigbasket to get your bathroom absolutely clean and fresh and also get great discounts on your Harpic bottle price only from bigbasket.

    Harpic Online

    Harpic is the brand name of a toilet bowl cleaner launched in England in the 1920s and now marketed by Reckitt Benckiser. Harpic is the leading lavatory care brand in India. Launched in India in 1984, Harpic created the product category 25 years ago. It is currently available in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Asia Pacific.Harpic offers wide range of products like liquids, tablets, wipes, brush systems, toilet bowl and cistern blocks. The famous product is Harpic Power Plus is our strongest toilet stain remover. The liquid formula offers a superior clean to bleach, killing 99.9% of germs and removing odours. Buy Harpic products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Harpic products is between Rs. 27 and Rs. 124. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Harpic products like Harpic Power Plus, Harpic Power Range, Harpic Fresh Range and Harpic Bleach and many others online at Bigbasket.