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    Buy Fanta Products Online in India

    Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored soft drink. It gives the real taste of orange. The original German Fanta had a yellow color and a different flavor from that of Fanta Orange; the exact flavor varied throughout the war, depending on the availability of ingredients. Buy Fanta products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Fanta products is between Rs. 30 and Rs.78. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Fanta products like Fanta Orange Flavour online at Bigbasket.

    Fanta soft drink

    Fanta is a brand of fruit-flavored soft drink from the Coca-Cola Company, introduced for the first time in Germany in 1940. It was devised during World War II in Nazi Germany by the German Coca Cola (GmbH) bottling company. After World War II, Fanta was introduced to the United States by Coca-Cola, and in 1960 they bought the trademark. Fanta Orange is the most popular Fanta flavor, available in 180 countries. Fanta was the second drink to be produced by Coca-Cola, after the original Coca-Cola. Fanta was recently relaunched in Singapore after being absent for a period of time.