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    While yoghurt has been a prominent part of breakfasts in the eastern side of the world, it has only recently gained popularity in India. Given that everyone is moving towards a healthier lifestyle, yoghurt has been one of the most popular dishes among the health freaks. Produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk, yoghurt is seen to have tons loads of health benefits. One of the most popular brands in the country for yoghurts is Epigamia. You can now buy Epigamia greek yoghurt online on bigbasket’s store. Epigamia yoghurt comes in various different interesting flavours, along with the Epigamia natural greek yoghurt. The flavours that the brand offers are mango, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, Mulberry and more. There is something for everyone’s liking here. There is an exciting variety that comes with some granola chunks as well. These granola chunks are absolutely delicious when had with the yoghurt and you should definitely try these if you aren’t too calorie conscious. Epigamia yoghurt price and Epigamia greek yoghurt calories depends on the flavor that you chose to buy. Epigamia greek yoghurt nutrition also varies from one variety to another in terms of added sugars and additional fat contents. The Epigamia greek yoghurt natural can be used as an ingredient in many ways. To make marination, to make dips and more, it forms the perfect thick base. You get the natural variety in different sizes, small and big, The price of the greek yoghurt varies from one size to another. The bigger pack is a great option to pick if you regularly use yoghurt in your kitchen. Given the likes of the Indian market, the yoghurt brand has also introduced Epigamia artisanal curd under its product line. Curd is very popularly used in Indian households and Epigamia curd has come as competition to many other prevailing brands. Although Epigamia can be found in supermarkets in and around you, you can now buy Epigamia greek yoghurt online India on bigbasket. You no more need to search for “Epigamia yoghurt near me” and go store hunting for them. Order them online on our site and have them delivered to your doorstep. We understand the importance of quality and value our customers’ satisfaction the most and thus only offer on board the best of quality and price. Look out for amazing deals, offers and multipack deals when shopping online with us. Make your breakfast even more interesting with your choice of flavor among Epigamia yoghurt.