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    Soaps have become an integral part of our everyday lives and rather than a luxury it is more of a necessity now what with all the germs and diseases in the air. Using a good soap on an everyday basis not only nourishes our skin it also protects us from falling sick with illnesses by removing the germs and dirt from our body. Dove soap is known for its creamy and nourishing properties. Dove has always been a trusted and reputed toiletry and cosmetic brand for providing a range of products to its customers such as soaps, shampoos, dove baby soap, dove body washes, face washes, scrubs, sanitizers, hand wash, shower gels, talcum powder and many more. You can now buy dove soaps online at Bigbasket from the comfort of your home. Dove is a cream based beauty bathing bar which has a gentle cleansing formula which not only moisturises your skin, it also leaves your skin softer, smoother and more glowing than before when used regularly. The mild cleanser present in the bathing bar will help clear the germs and dirt from your skin at the same time not leaving it too dry. Dove has a variety of bathing bars to suit each skin type. There is dove soap for oily skin which will benefit its users by clearing all the pores and keeping the skin soft and dry. Dove sensitive skin soap has extremely mild cleansers and usually used by people who have combination skin and who are prone to rashes and allergies on their skin. There is also a dove mens soap specially to suit the rough and tough skin texture of men. Using dove bathing bars helps in restoring the moisture and nutrients that are lost by our skin during the cleansing process whereas when compared to normal soaps which may leave your skin dry and rough in the process. Dove soap price are different based on the skin type it is meant for and the grams. Dove soap price 100g which comes in a 5-piece multipack is priced at Rs.241. For best results from of the soap, you can work up a lather with your dove soap for face and body and rinse thoroughly. Dove pink soap is also a bathing bar which contains dove’s classic moisturising formula and comes with a delicate hue of pink. It contains ¼ moisturising cream and mild cleansers which will leave your skin smoother. Softer and healthier. There is no other bathing bar which hydrates your skin like a dove bathing bar does. Bigbasket offers you a wide range of products from Dove to suit each skin type and usage type along with great offers and discounts. You can get your beauty bars delivered to your doorsteps in a click of a button!