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    Personal care and personal grooming is very important for every individual, not only socially but also for hygiene reasons. Your personal grooming and personal care routine plays an important role in the impression you have on people around you. Wouldn’t it be an added advantage if your personal care product also has medicinal qualities? Dettol soap is one such product which provides this. Dettol is one of the pioneers and leaders in the antiseptic skin care market in India. Dettol liquid soap has always been an integral part of every household for years together. The brand, as of today, not only makes the liquid antiseptic hand washes but also has a wide variety of full body protection product line which helps in personal grooming and care. Dettol original soap and Dettol skincare soap are the most popular products of the brand. The brand is trusted by millions of people in the country and is definitely worth every penny that is spent on it, as it truly protects our skin from germs and dirt. They also have other products such as hand wash, body wash, disinfectant liquids, hand sanitizers, kitchen gels and shaving creams. In recent times, one of the most popular product of Dettol is the Dettol cool soap which is mild nature and has a nice and fresh aroma. It has antibacterial agents along with menthol which gives our body a refreshed and cool feel throughout the day. If you enjoy using Dettol cool soap you can order the multipack of 4 on bigbasket at just Rs.169. Dettol cool soap price for a single bar of soap is just Rs.33 for a 75gm bar of soap and Rs.53 for a 125gm bar of soap. All of Dettol’s products are pH balanced and is not harsh on our skin like other soaps which are loaded with chemicals. Dettol original soap price is Rs.169 for a multipack of 4 soap bars and Rs.28 for a single 75gm bar of soap. All of the variants of Dettol soap 75 gm price are ranged between Rs.28 to Rs.33 only. But Dettol soap price on bigbasket is very much affordable by every individual because of the amazing multipack offers, discounts and deals that are offered on our online store. You can now buy Dettol skin care soap online on bigbasket and get it delivered right at your doorstep. You can also get a good value for your money by ordering online, product wise and savings wise also with our value packs and discounts. So, order now on bigbasket and protect your family against germs and dirt.