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    Dettol is one of the leading brands of antiseptic products in India. As far as memory goes the ubiquitous Dettol liquid was always to be found in every household and was used in a wide variety of ways. Dettol today is not only limited to antiseptic liquid but provides a full body protection with its range of several cleaning and grooming products, that are worth every penny spent on them. Having started off with just Dettol antiseptic liquid, the brand has come a long way and today offers a range of products ranging from the iconic antiseptic liquid to handwash, soaps, body washes, disinfectant liquid, hand sanitizer, kitchen gels and shaving creams. A popular product of Dettol is its handwash. Dettol handwash is one of the most popular and most trusted brands of handwash that provide protection against 100 disease-causing germs. Not only that, Dettol liquid handwash is also pH balanced which means it is not harsh for your skin unlike other handwashes that can result in dry and rough hands with regular use. Dettol handwash provides 100% germ protection and leads to hygienically clean and refreshed hands. The Dettol handwash is offered in a 200ml pump, 175ml Dettol handwash refill pouch, 750ml Dettol refill, 900ml refill jar, 1500ml refill and a squeezy pack. It is also available in several variants namely – Dettol Aloe, Dettol Orange, Dettol Sensitive and Dettol Skincare. What’s great about Dettol handwash is its inexpensiveness, the varied pack sizes make Dettol easily affordable for the masses, for instance, the Dettol handwash small pack price is a mere Rs 30, while the Dettol hand wash refill pack price is Rs 62 for 175 ml refill pack. Another Dettol cleaning and disinfectant product that can help you in sanitising your hands is the Dettol hand sanitizer. The specially formulated Dettol hand sanitizer is completely non-sticky and is rinse-free and the compact size makes it easy to carry it anywhere to protect you from varied disease-causing germs. So don’t forget to carry your pack of Dettol hand sanitizer before stepping out of the home. Another category of products where Dettol has made its mark is the personal grooming category with its range of antiseptic soaps, body wash and shaving cream. Dettol soaps offer a unique mix of rich minerals and antiseptics. So while it kills bacteria it also simultaneously improve the quality of the skin owing to its rich mineral content. There are several different variants of Dettol soap available in the market specially designed to cater to varied needs and demands. The different varieties of Dettol soap include – Dettol Original Bar Soap, Dettol Skincare bar soap, Dettol cool soap and Dettol Aloe Bar Soap. The Dettol Soap price is Rs 45 for the 125gm pack, but you can save money if you opt to buy the multipack online from bigbasket which offers the 4x125 gms pack for Rs 144 as against the MRP of Rs 180. Among the different Dettol soaps, the Dettol cool soap is quite popular in India owing to the country’s hot and humid climate. The Dettol cool soap price for the 125 gm pack is Rs 53, but again you can save money on the 4x125gms packs online only on bigbasket. So, do smart shopping and save money with bigbasket’s exciting deals and discounts on Dettol products. Order today from bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep the very next day. The Dettol brand name is used in India by the Reckitt Benckiser Group, which is a multinational company based in Great Britain. They mainly produce and sell home, health and hygiene products all over the world. It has grown to be one of the most trusted companies in India, and the products they make are designed to kill germs and maintain good health and hygiene. They are used by people of all age groups.

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    Dettol antiseptic liquid is a chemical called Chloroxylenol, which is a disinfectant commonly used to treat external wounds and cleaning surgical instruments. The company has launched a range of personal care items under the Dettol products company name, including skin care products, soaps under the Dettol brand name. The soaps and hand wash have antiseptic properties. The company’s hand wash has also become the preferred choice around the country. The brand is known for its high-quality, affordable products. Dettol product prices are low, making the personal hygiene items extremely accessible to many in the country. Products including Dettol hand sanitizers, diaper-wipes, face-wash, cloth-driers and body wash are now available on online grocery shopping sites like bigbasket, which is the biggest online supermarket in the country.