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    Tagged as India’s largest manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines and related products, Dabur is a household name. Identified as the most trusted brand offering healthcare consumer products to its patrons, this brand backed by a history of 132 years has risen to become a promising multi-product Indian name. Thanks to the rise in awareness amongst consumers about the benefits of natural ingredients in household consumables, Dabur has garnered increased patronage. Without running to ayurvedic stores, bigbasket through its online listing of natural health promoting products, enables you to order Dabur Chyawanprash along with many other products.

    Products Promise Holistic Well-Being

    Beautiful hair is the result of regular care and maintenance through the use of natural products. Be it the practise of oiling it every week with coconut oil or washing it with almond shampoo, both these activities become a part of your hair care regime. Dabur through its refreshing rose water offering enables you to buy gulab jal online; the natural way to flaunt a fresh and glowing face. Offering a remedy to acidity, Dabur with its Pudin Hara in powdered form provides the dual benefits of instant relief and a tasty fizz. Troubled with a cough? Why not order the Honitus cough syrup from Dabur for quick relief? Promising you a rush of instant energy is the Glucose D powder from Dabur. Counter the common episodes of indigestion in babies with Dabur Janma Ghunti.

    bigbasket – The Official Benefactor of Ayurvedic Products

    It is now a matter of a simple click before you choose to buy hair oil alongside other products including Dabur honey spread and amla oil via bigbasket. Bestowing a host of benefits to consumers inclined towards natural products, bigbasket offers 44 Dabur products, all of which will reach your doorstep through a strong delivery network operating in 25 major Indian cities.

    Numerous Other Medicinal Offerings

    Vicco is another name which derives its patronage through ayurvedic and natural offerings, including tooth pastes and skin creams. Patanjali offers a range of natural products including honey and mixed fruit jam. Looking for an ayurvedic tooth powder that wards off dental complaints? Then the K.P Namboodiris range of dental care products can be your top choice. The Khadi brand of ayurvedic hair care products are loaded with the goodness of pure amla. Now is the time to flaunt a fresh and fair look with Jovees ayurvedic anti-tan face scrub.

    About Dabur company

    Dabur products are trusted by Indian consumers since many decades, which makes Dabur India Ltd one of the most reliable and leading brands offering ayurvedic products. In fact, Dabur India Ltd is the largest Ayurvedic and natural health care company in the world. Dabur India Ltd started their operations way back in the year 1884 as an ayurvedic medicine company. Today this 134 years old company has come a long way and has more than 250 herbal/ayurvedic products in key consumer categories like hair care, oral care, health care, skin care, home care and food.

    Dabur product range

    The FMCG portfolio of Dabur can be seen categorised under the following flagships – ‘Dabur’ for natural healthcare products, ‘Dabur Vatika’ for premium personal care products, ‘Dabur Hajmola’ for digestives, ‘Dabur Real’ for fruit juices and beverages and Fem for fairness bleaches and skincare products. Now that people are slowly making their way back to natural products and the shift towards natural products has gained rapid speed, Dabur products have become even more in demand. In fact, such is the demand for Dabur products that the company rapidly breached the 100 cr mark across varied consumer categories. For instance, in 2009 itself the Dabur Red paste crossed 100 crores mark, by 2015, Real, Vatika and Amla crossed the 1000 crore mark and by 2016 Dabur Gulabari and Lal Dant Manjan both earned 100 crores each. It is a little difficult to point out the most popular products of Dabur since a majority of its products enjoy massive consumer adulation. However, few of the heavily demanded Dabur products include Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur Gulabari, Dabur Red toothpaste, Odonil, Dabur Vatika and Amla hair oil to name a few.

    Dabur Chyawanprash helps strengthen the body, providing energy and immunity. Use this guide to learn the health benefits of taking chyawanprash.

    What makes Dabur products so popular among the masses is the purity of their products that are produced by scientifically driven measures to ensure no adulteration. In addition to that, Dabur products are also optimally priced to be affordable to the masses. Take for example the popular Dabur Chyawanprash price, the company has kept the price reasonably low, so that a large section of the population can take advantage of it. Not only Chyawanprash, even the popular selling Dabur honey 1kg price is also pretty reasonable. Dabur India Ltd has kept the prices of nearly all its products very reasonable and competitive, so everyone can make use of the goodness of Ayurveda. You can find the entire range of Dabur products at bigbasket and that too at attractive prices and discounts. Switch over to Dabur products and experience the goodness of authentic natural products.