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    Buy Comfort Fabric Conditioner Online

    Comfort fabric conditioner is here to give your clothes an unmatched fragrance, shine and feel. Liquid in form and easy to use with bucket-wash or machine-wash, Comfort just like its fragrance comes as a whiff of fresh air in personal care and wash care. The online marketspace has opened up for these products for a while now, and bigbasket is at the forefront of offering the best online shopping experience to you, eliminating the need to visit your nearest grocery store.

    A Wide Variety

    With the fragrance lasting for up to 14 days after wash, half-a-cap of Comfort will give your clothes the kind of softness you’ve never experienced before. Even if one uses the best detergent, the cloth fibres tend to get tangled, making fabric softeners and conditioners more essential than ever. What’s more, Comfort comes in different variants and fragrances – lily, morning fresh, pure white and anti-bacterial to name a few. Also, your clothes are going to be that much easier to iron as Comfort takes all the stiffness out of them. Without doubt it will work on your jeans as well. One other thing, the need for room fresheners will definitely reduce once you use Comfort! Be on the lookout for compliments on the same shirts you used to wear before, but the difference being the life added to them after Comfort’s magic touch.

    Easy Delivery options

    Along with providing a wide range in various quantities, bigbasket also gives you the option to mix and match products across various categories. With delivery options in most major cities, bigbasket’sreach is genuinely far and wide. From being perceived as a luxury, fabric conditioners like Comfort are now considered a necessity in most households and bigbasket is here to fulfil that necessity and go beyond`

    Other Brands

    Bigbasket is also here to fix up your other wash care needs. Comfort is compatible with almost all detergents, be it Surf Excel, Ariel, Vanish, Genteel, Ezee and the like. When you’re browsing through bigbasket for any of this, be sure to also check out the various options on offer in liquid detergents, washing bars, washing powders and other brands in pre- and post-wash care.