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    Buy Biotique Products Online

    Washing or cleansing our face is the first step towards good skin. Everyone’s skin type might differ from one another, but there are tons of products in the market to suit every type of skin. With so many brands in the market, we are constantly looking out for the best products giving good results without damaging our skin. Biotique has been one such brand in the market offering a wide range of cosmetics with good quality. You can now buy any biotique product, be it Biotique face wash, Biotique soap, Biotique facial kit and a bunch of other stuff from Bigbasket’s online store. Making its strong presence in the beauty and personal care industry, Biotique offers a range of skin, hair and body care products. Biotique products are made out of natural ingredients. The brand takes pride from all of its formulations that are free from preservatives. Blending the ayurvedic practices from the east and the modern beauty practices from the west, Biotique products are the best for you. Under the brand’s skin care range, the most popular products are Biotique sunscreen, Biotique face cream and Biotique face pack. Not just the face, but Biotique body wash looks after your skin all over as well. Similarly, when it comes to hair care, the brand leaves no leaf unturned. They have Biotique hair oil, Biotique serum and Biotique shampoo’s that address all kinds of hair issues. Biotique green apple shampoo is one of the best Biotique shampoo’s for hair loss and also leaves your hair smelling fresh and pleasant. You can also check out several other products such as the Biotique body lotion and Biotique lip balm that is popularly sought after. Although Biotique products can easily be found in supermarkets around you, bigbasket enables you to get these top class products at amazing prices. Pick and choose from a long list of Biotique hair care and skin care products now on our online store. Look out for amazing deals, discounts and offers while shopping online with us. You no more have to step out of your house to shop for any of your personal care, grocery or home necessities. Bigbasket offers you products from all of these categories only from high quality brands. Our efficient and well connected delivery team will have your order delivered to you in no time. Lift up your skin care and hair care routine by choosing Biotique products now from bigbasket. Making its strong presence felt amongst beauty and personal care products for skin, hair and body, Biotique is a famous brand that offers natural products. Made from 100% natural and pure ingredients, Biotique takes pride in the fact that all its formulations are free from preservatives. Marketed by Bio Veda Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Biotique blends the goodness of ancient Ayurveda of the East with the beauty practices of the west. Garnering increased patronage since its inception, Biotique range of products come in as supporters of holistic well-being through natural means. Enabling you to pick and choose from amongst the long list of Biotique hair care products, bigbasket offers the convenience of online shopping to its patrons.

    Tread the Natural Path for a Vibrant Face

    A host of skin care products offered by Biotique has many takers who wish to go the extra mile for flawless skin. To make this possible, a number of naturally made face gels and a facewash infused with the goodness of organic ingredients are available. Face creams with Aloe Vera and saffron and face packs with pistachios are other offerings. Giving a great deal of importance to the practice of exfoliation, Biotique offers a face scrub which helps in the complete removal of dead skin cells. Looking to buy natural kajal online? Then, the safest bet is to choose the Bio Almond Kajal from Biotique.

    Shop Online for Natural Hair Care Products

    A host of naturally made shampoos and hair conditioners are the most patronized hair care Biotique products. Tackling the most common hair issue, Biotique which offers a number of anti hair-fall products as organic offerings, all of which are enlisted on bigbasket. Enabling you to make the most of 80 products enlisted under the Biotique brand name, you can also avail the facility of home delivery if you reside in any one of the 25 major cities of India with the pan India delivery network of bigbasket.

    Natural Gifts Known by Many Names

    Soultree Ayurvedic offers two types of organic kajal; black and brown. Himalaya has a host of natural skin care products which can be teamed with the hair care products from Ayur. Lotus Herbals is another brand which has an entire listing of natural makeup products including compact and smooth foundation. Aroma Treasures has an under eye skin oil which reduces the puffiness under the eyes. In our quest for a smooth and glowing skin, we end up trying a host of different skincare products. But deep down we all are aware of the harmful effects of the varied chemically produced skincare products. In fact, these chemical products do more harm than any good and therefore opting for natural skincare products is one’s best bet towards getting the desired flawless skin and hair. Natural products are more skin friendly, has no side effects, are compatible with all skin types and fits right in budget. And when you have an effective natural alternative to chemical-based creams and lotions, would you really experiment with chemical products and risk facing its ugly side effects?

    About Biotique brand and products

    When it comes to natural products, ayurvedic skin care products stand tall as nothing can be more natural than ayurvedic products. One such great ayurvedic skincare brand is the Biotique range of skincare, hair care, fragrances and baby care products. Biotique has genuinely tried to bring forth the hidden gems of ayurvedic treatments that do not hide skin blemishes but rather eliminate them.

    What sets biotique products apart from other ayurvedic skin care products?

    Unlike other ayurvedic brands, biotique products truly makes use of 100% natural botanicals and is driven by advanced scientific expertise to offer a safe and effective natural treatment product that is made to ECC and FDA products.

    Biotique range of personal care products are produced not by just any other individual but, is rather prepared under the trained and qualified eyes of Ayurveda doctors and Swiss cosmetologists, and so when you invest in Biotique’s product you can be assured of the quality, purity and effectiveness of the product. Biotique products are not only limited for women and offer a specially prepared range of men’s skincare and haircare products that are designed to cater to the needs of men. Apart from that, you can also pamper your babies in the goodness of Ayurveda with Biotique’s range of baby care products. Biotique also offers varied product combos designed to cater to various skin and hair issues. For instance, there is the BIO Acne control kit, BIO hair care regime, BIO wedding kit and much more. These combos of Biotique products are quite helpful as you get to know the exact products needed to fight off a particular skin or hair issue. Gift BIO gift sets to your loved or bring them home and give your skin and hair some much needed natural TLC.