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    Buy Bella Sanitary Pads

    All we women know how exhausting and tiring that time of the month can get. While sanitary napkins come to our rescue, they might not always bring us the best of comforts that we deserve. Brands that sell sanitary napkins are plenty and we need to find the one that best suits our comfort. Bella is one household brand that deals with baby care and personal care and hygiene products and also offers a variety of sanitary napkins for us. You can now find all kinds of Bella pads online on bigbasket to shop from. The brand offers different varieties of pads such as the Bella sanitary pads, Bella panty liners and Bella cotton pads. You can find different materials and sizes of Bella sanitary napkins while shopping under this brand and all of them can be found on our store. Bella doesn’t stop with just sanitary napkins, to suit the needs and comforts of all kinds of women, the brand also offers a variety of Bella tampons. There is something to fit for every kind of women’s likes, comforts and lifestyles under this brand of personal care and hygiene products. The brand has a good reputation for its quality of products and you can read some of the reviews online before purchasing on bigbasket. The Bella sanitary pads price depends on the variant and size of the pack that you wish to buy. The price range of Bella products vary from Rs.22 to Rs.489, making it affordable for women from all sectors of the society. The brand is extremely popular and is one of the leading brands in central and western Europe and has now made its much needed presence in the Indian market also. Quality, safety and value for money are aspects you need not worry about when you pick Bella as your go-to product for personal hygiene. Find the entire range of products from Bella on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep. Although this brand can be found in supermarkets and stores around you, there are not as easily found as other Indian brands. However, your search for Bella ends here as you can sit back at the comfort of your couch and order online now. We understand the importance of quality when it comes to products concerning personal hygiene and ensure that we only provide the best available in the market. Bella is a reputed and high quality brand and thus you need not worry. Look out for amazing discounts and offers on these products while shopping online with us. Our multi pack and value pack offers are a great value for money and is sure to benefit you in more than one way. Shop Bella products online on bigbasket right away. Bella is a household brand name dealing with Baby Care and Personal Care products. Bella brand we offer a wide range of products sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene. It changes itself just like women through the years - their tastes, needs and lifestyle. Bella have gained a good reputation for Panty - Soft Liners, Baby Wet Wipes - Milk & Honey and Baby Diapers - Medium in the market. Buy Bella products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Bella products is between Rs. 22 and Rs. 489. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Bella products like Baby Wipes, Diapers, Panty and many others online at Bigbasket.

    Buy Bella Products Online in India

    In 1951 the company TZMO is established. In 1997 TZMO SA as the first company in the health care sector in Poland. It is entitled to mark its products with European CE Safety mark. In 1983 Hygienic products under the Bella brand are launched. Bella is a brand of hygienic products for women - the market leader in Central and Eastern Europe, rapidly conquering the markets of Western Europe and Asia. TZMO as the first manufacturer in Poland starts the production of cellulose panty liners, which in the 1990’s were branded E-Day, and now are known as Panty Classic. In 1994 Bella Nova is the first sanitary pads with wings. In 1995 Bella Perfecta the first ultra thin sanitary pads manufactured in Poland.