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    South Indian food has always grabbed attention because of its taste and nutritional value. The most popular delicacies to relish are Dosa, Sambhar, Vada, Idly, uttpum, Rasam, coconut chutni and many more. The food needs very less cooking oil and its sambhar contains the goodness of pulses and vegetables. Green vegetables that people avoid to eat are easily blended in Sambhar that triggers the taste bud. The food that is served on fresh leave at ample outlets have following advantages- • It is very light on the stomach • Makes an excellent midday meal • Provides goodness of fresh and seasonal vegetables • It’s healthy because of green vegetables that are added to it while preparing them. • Good option for health conscious people, as very little oil is used in cooking. Asal products are the organic products that are free from chemicals and fertilizers. These products are harmless and do not affect the health of the people. Shop Asal products that are nourished with nature and tradition from the at a reasonable products. These products will foster good health ad keep the diseases and sufferings at a bay. Idly is light in weight and easy to digest. It’s one of the most popular South India food that is served at every second outlet in Southern part of the country. For that fluffy and soft idlies, buy idly batter online. With this you can make idlies at your own comfort. Make this tasty snack at the time of breakfast or for evening 4-6 pm snack. For that paper crisp Dosa, buy Dosa batter online. This will save you from the fuss of soaking rice and dal in appropriate proportion which is very important for making tasty and crispier dosas. These batters are fresh and good enough to provide the goodness of taste and flavor along with mouthwatering taste. Now buy online grocery on