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    Milk, as we all know is a complete diet. Ever since childhood, milk plays a mandatory role in one’s diet. Milk in its natural form has the highest content of nutrition. It contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin, and minerals which are easily digestible as well. Food safety and standards authority of India said that a large proportion of the milk in the country is adulterated with detergent, glucose, and milk powder. But coming to the rescue, amul doodh has proved to make its way amongst the basic necessities of every kitchen. Amul milk comes with the assurance and the promise of purity. Anand Milk Producers Union Limited or Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative, based at Anand in the state of Gujarat. This organization commonly also known as amul dairy anand marked the beginning of the white revolution in India. Having gained the hyp in recent times, amul doodh has indeed become the taste of India. In the past, there used to come milkman pouring milk in the containers but with the changing lifestyles, a major chunk of the population started shifting to metropolitan cities. Here, people have no time so as to facilitate their reach for good quality milk, thus we at Bigbasket bring to you amul milk to be delivered to your doorsteps. As per the studies, it's been established that cow's milk is lighter than that of Buffalo's, so we even offer amul cow's milk which is much easier to digest and is suggested to old people and children. Amul has customised it's so many products as per the needs arising in our day to day life. For example, amul tetra packs which decrease the chances of it's spilling. Amul toned milk is yet another product in much demand. Whenever one talks of dairy products, the first brand which crosses the mind is amul and we at Bigbasket offer all the amul dairy products ranging from amul double toned milk to amul gold milk. Thus, letting you prepare various sorts of sweets and many other delicious food items from milk. Milk has many by-products. Curd and cheese are made from it. You also get ghee and butter from the cream of milk. Thus, milk is very useful and complete food. If the quality of milk is A1, these derived by-products are also very useful. And derived by-product like ghee from amul full cream milk is a rich plus healthy by-product. Packed milk is best because the companies like amul follow rules and regulation given by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Also, it is pasteurised which is done to kill pathogenic microorganisms and packed full cream milk should contain at least 6% fat and 9% SNF (solid not fat). If you buy milk from the milkman, it might be contaminated and adulterated. And there is another important point regarding the milk which you buy from milkman being unhomogenized (unequal distribution of fat). The one who will buy/get the milk from the bottom of the container will have a lesser amount of fat as fat being lighter will move towards the up. However, we provide you with amul low fat milk that doesn't have any such possibility.