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    Buy Aashirvaad Kitchen Ingredients Online: Atta, Powdered spices, Salt, Heat & Eat Ready Meals

    Aashirvaad has revived the originality of kitchen ingredients with its wide range of products that offer the “Ghar Ka Khana” ethos. Be it atta, salt, chilli powder , haldi powder to ready to eat Dal Tadka- Aashirvaad brings it to you in neatly sealed packages at attractive prices.

    Aashirvaad Atta is now synonymous with Atta all over India. Aashirvaad has a range of atta varieties for the Indian consumer. From whole wheat, multigrain to sugar release control, Aashirvaad lets you choose the kind of atta you need to serve your family with the softest rotis and parathas.

    “No Salt No Taste” goes the saying and Aashirvaad goes the extra mile to bring salt that is healthy and nutritious to your table. Aashirvaad iodised salt is perfect for your family for whom you want to make no compromise.

    An Indian spread is incomplete without the addition of chilly powder, haldi or dhania-jeera powder in its dishes. Aashirvaad present all these in its purest form and you can be assured of the quality of the product. You do not need to bat an eyelid about its authenticity when you use these products.

    Gauging the sense of the market and also the demand for ready-to-eat meals, Aashirvaad has introduced its heat and eat delicacies. From Aloo Mutter, Dal Makhani. Tadka Dal or Pongal, you can go without a whole day without having to worry what you will eat. The range takes care of all your food needs from breakfast to dinner.

    A brand to reckon with:

    At bigbasket, when it comes to food products, groceries and staples, we keep only the most trustworthy brands that delivery in quality and price. We understand the consumer’s preference for home-made taste and source brands that cater to an Indian palette.

    Aashirvaad, a brand of the renowned ITC group entered the food and kitchen ingredients market with Aashirvaad Atta. Wheat flour has now become a staple in most Indian kitchens with international cuisine also being modified to appease health enthusiasts. Wheat has its benefits as a great source of fibre and protein apart from other nutrients. Aashirvaad Atta is available in 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packs for the ease and convenience of the consumers.

    Aashirvaad then made its foray into the salt category with their iodized salt. There are several brands available in the market but Aashirvaad promises salt from the best waters of India.

    Recognizing the need for packed spices owing to busy lives that people lead, Aashirvaad introduced chilli powder, turmeric and coriander powder for women. Women looking to just spice their dishes with the finest ingredients need to look no further. The freshness of the product resonates on the table and guarantees the end result of the delicacy.

    The bigbasket advantage:

    At bigbasket, we make no compromises when it comes to stocking the right products, especially when it comes to food. We have a very stringent screening process and ensure that all products go through a quality check before they make it to the site. We also conduct regular surveys to gauge the preference of consumers to give them a wide variety to choose from. With respect to our food products, we give our consumers the choice of different brands, products and flavours to help them buy online. We also have very smooth transaction methods for you to shop conveniently and save you the hassle from walking into a store.

    From parathas, sambar, chole to pizzas, pastas or noodles, salt, spices and wheat flour are all vital ingredients to make them suit gastronomic delights. Our range of food products are pure and of utmost quality. You can view the details of each product by clicking on the icon to get any information that you need.

    Each product comes in neatly packaged and convenient packets or cartons. We also have a variety of sizes and quantities available to help you buy as per your requirements. At bigbasket, we also make sure that the product shipped to you reaches on time and goes through a careful and stringent quality check to ensure freshness.

    We are constantly offering promotions and discounts to help customers save money on their total bills. Keep a close watch on the offers that are advertised on our website to save your pennies! Avail of combo and value packs to save you both time and money. We also offer seamless payment methods to give you maximum flexibility and ease in shopping.